What cleats should every player have?
What cleats should every player have

Soccer is a game made where there are several different things and details which may impact different performance on the pitch. There are very important skills which you have to improve with many hard pieces of training. Then there is a lot of important your mental power, so you stay focus and you know you can do it the way you want. Of course, there is also a lot of important equipment, especially soccer cleats which are one of the main things you must have. Because of that, I want to talk today about what cleats should every player have.

Are you a professional player, a semiprofessional or an amateur? If you are one of those players you should have at least two different kinds of cleats. You can play soccer on different grounds. Most the clubs have artificial grass or natural grass. Because of that, you should have at least 2 different cleats. One for artificial grass and the others for natural grass.

At Least 2 of Them!

Playing on different grounds has to affect your style of play for sure. You can play on artificial grass only with cleats that have plastic wedges, but on the natural ground, you cannot always play with them. If there is raining or was raining there are different conditions for playing. In that case, the best cleats would be with iron studs, so you would play normally and you would not be slipping so much. I have to say that this is now my number 1 thing, to have cleats with iron wedges because I had a very bad experience with cleats that had plastic wedges and I was playing with them on natural grass which was wet, but I was slipping as I was on the ice. After a few times in conditions like that, I decided that I must have cleats with iron studs, so I really recommend at least these 2 kinds of cleats. To be true I more think this is a must!

soccer iron wedges
Good for wet ground on natural grass. World Cup model.


100% Armed!

Want to be more professional and you have more money available to spend? Then you should get yourself all 4 different kinds of cleats. There are cleats for soft ground, for hard ground, then there are mix cleats(combined with plastic and iron studs) and cleats for artificial grass that we talked before. if you have all of them then you are 100% armed for all matches and training which you will have.

Less injuries? Yes!

Another thing here is that having the right footwear on the specific ground may also be good for preventing injuries. There happen fewer unusual movements that can cause different injuries. This may be hard injuries with a long-time recovery or short time injuries.

one of soccer injuries.
We don’t want injuries, really!

What Now?

Now have you decided which type of cleats you should have? Have you changed your mind and you need to buy an extra pair of cleats? I really hope for those who have just one pair of cleats that they change their mind and purchase at least 2 kinds of cleats that I mentioned above. I guarantee this will help you if you haven’t tried it yet.

I have written this article to help you, so I hope it was helpful or informative and you found something new there. You can also check for leather soccer cleats which comfortable and excellent for people who have problems with wide feet. If you liked it please share it on social profiles.

Last updated on June 14, 2020 9:50 pm