Things you should do when you bought new cleats!
Things you should do when you bought new cleats!

Hey, today I want to talk about things you should do when you buy new cleats.

I have worn many different soccer cleats. In the beginning, it was tough for me because they didn’t fit me right, they were tight, and sometimes I did even have blisters.

Oh god, how I hated this. Because of all this that I mentioned above, I won to share some tips you should do when you have bought a new pair of cleats.

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Put in a crumpled newspaper!

When you get yourself a new pair of cleats, I recommend you put right after you get them crumpled newspaper in it.

You are probably asking why that is good. This is good because when you put the crumpled newspaper in, the cleats will expand, and you will easier wear them in the future.

They won’t be so tight.

Wear them before playing

Yes, I really recommend that you wear your cleats at home before you go first time on the pitch.

You can wear them if you browse on a computer or watch TV or by doing any other thing. This is good because slowly, your cleats will get used and slowly adjusted to your foot.

Pour them with water.

There is another good thing you can do, and this is pouring them with water. After doing this, try to put them on. By doing this, your cleats will be softer and will slowly get adjusted to your foot. I think this is an upgrade of just wearing them.

Things you should do when you bought new cleats!
Things you should do when you bought new cleats!

Why is all this good?

By doing all these things, you may prevent getting blisters and that your foot won’t hurt you after training.

As I mentioned above, I got many blisters during my career, and I really hate them because then you cannot play.

They were the main reason I asked people around me what to do when buying new soccer cleats. I got all this information that helped me, so I shared it now with you.

Things you should do when you bought
Things you should do when you bought new cleats!

Let’s repeat once again!

  1. Put in crumpled newspaper
  2. Wear them before playing (at home)
  3. Pour them with water

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You may be looking for cleats for kids, cleats for girls, or cleats for boys. I hope you like the article, and you will share it on social profiles to help others.

Last updated on July 16, 2021 4:32 pm