Awesome soccer cleats you have to see!
Awesome soccer cleats you have to see!

In everyday life, I think every person wants to have cool & awesome shoes, so others who view it say wow, these shoes are really great! I think this is the same with soccer players, we want to have awesome soccer cleats. There are also other things I think we should check for, more below!

Today we have many different models and brands of soccer cleats. New cleats are coming out very fast, so I think is not so easy to handle and watch all these new cleats coming out and because of this I have decided to write this post about awesome soccer cleats.

I will tell you which I think are the best and awesome soccer cleats right now.

My favourite awesome soccer cleats

Here are my favourite pairs of cool cleats. What do you think? Do you like them?

adidas Men's Predator 18.3 FG Soccer Shoe, Yellow/Black/Solar red, 8 M US
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Last updated on January 22, 2021 2:33 pm

How did I decide on these pairs?

I have decided to choose this pairs of awesome soccer cleats based on my own taste. Well, people are different from each other, so you may not like these cleats. Each person is different and like a different look of design, colours and other things, so you can also like some other pairs.

awesome soccer cleats

Where to look for others?

Well today there are really some many shops there, online and offline, so there are different places you can search for. Here you have to be careful when you are buying stuff that the shop is verified. Some of the verified shops online which you can shop safely are Amazon, Walmart and Dick’s Sporting.

Are cleats everything?

Some soccer players think that if you have a good, nice & awesome soccer cleats you will play better because of this. From my experience and I have said it many times on this website cleats can help you to play better and are really important, but to improve and get better you should train hard and be focused on improving your skills.

Other things!

When you are searching to buy new cleats, I suggest you don’t look just on design and colours. First focus on that for what will you need them. Another thing that is important is comfort. The third is quality. You should check how to choose best soccer cleats if you want to find more.

Updates coming!

Yes, I have to mention that I will update this post while new cleats will come, so come back later to check if there are any new cool and awesome soccer cleats here.

My way of choosing awesome and cool design!

I said below that people, we are different to each other, but here I want to tell you which cleats I like when I look at the appearance. Personally I like a combination of colours, which don’t stand out so much, so everyone cannot say, what cleats are this. I like to choose a little darker combination of colours.


Famous players have also impact, right?

I think that famous soccer players around the world like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Bale and others have also a big impact on what cleats people like. Well, those cleats who are worn by these players are also more costly and can be also some of the most expensive soccer cleats.

What brand makes the most awesome cleats?

What do you think, which brand make the most awesome soccer cleats? There is a lot of brands, but three of them are biggest I think and these are Adidas, Nike and Puma. They are producing really some good and outstanding pair of cleats. I don’t know what you think, but the brand who produces the most awesome cleats, in my opinion, is Nike.


Personally I more like Adidas and I also now just wear their cleats because of different reasons. One of them is my wide feet, so I have to look more at cleats for wide feet. However, yes I really more like Nike designing and creativity with cleats, even if I wear and like more Adidas. Isn’t that strange? Well maybe not, but I think it is.

Now I really hope you like my favourite awesome soccer cleats and don’t forget to come back later and check for updates!