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Ice Cleats provide instant traction on ice, snow, and mud, keeping you safe from the most common winter weather injuries. We have various screw-on and slip-on ice to work with your existing boots or shoes.

Our snow and ice cleats for boots and shoes improve traction and safety on ice and snow.

Which will help reduce the risk of fractured bones, pulled muscles, or back problems caused by a quick slip or fall?

We have snow cleats in all major brands by Yaktrax, Stabilicers, SureFoot, Get-A-Grip, Due North, Korkers, Grip-Ons, and WinterGrips.

Best Ice Cleats In 2023 [Buying Guide]

Like all of our products, we are happy to offer the best brands, including YakTrax, Stabilicers, Due North, 32 North, Kahtoola, IceTrekkers, and Korkers Get-A-Grip, Ice Spikes & South Bend.

These quality brands are readily available at prices that won’t make your wallet cold.

Do Ice Cleats Work On Packed Snow And Ice?

Discover if ice cleats are the solution to navigating packed snow and ice. Learn how they work, their materials, types, effectiveness, and more.

What Age Can Children Start Using Ice Cleats?

Discover what age is appropriate for children to start using ice cleats and ensure their safety on slippery surfaces. Factors such as motor skills, balance, coordination, cognitive development, emotional maturity, environmental conditions, and parental guidance play a role in determining readiness. Learn about the benefits of ice cleats and the recommended age ranges for their use. Stay informed and keep your children safe this winter!

Are There Ice Cleats For Kids?

Discover the benefits of ice cleats for kids in this article. Learn how to choose the right ones, find top brands, and ensure your child's safety on icy surfaces.

Are Retractable Ice Cleats As Good As Regular Ones?

Are retractable ice cleats as good as regular ones? This article explores their pros and cons, answering the age-old question of which is the superior choice for tackling icy terrains.

Can I Jog Or Run In Ice Cleats?

Discover the practicality of jogging or running with ice cleats. Learn about their benefits, considerations, and types, and find suitable terrains. Stay safe and keep running in icy conditions!

How Do I Walk Properly While Wearing Ice Cleats?

Learn how to walk properly while wearing ice cleats to stay safe and prevent accidents on icy surfaces. Get valuable tips and techniques in this informative article.

Can Ice Cleats Damage Floors Or Trails?

Can ice cleats damage floors or trails? Find out in this informative post as we explore the potential impact of ice cleats on various surfaces.

Are Ice Cleats Safe To Use?

Discover the safety of using ice cleats and make an informed decision. Learn about their benefits, types, factors to consider, and tips for safe usage. Are ice cleats safe to use? Find out here!

How Long Do Snow Cleats Typically Last?

Discover the secrets behind the lifespan of snow cleats in this informative article. Learn how factors like materials, usage, terrain, and weather affect their durability, and get tips on making them last longer. Find out when to replace worn-out cleats and evaluate their cost-effectiveness compared to other traction devices. Maximize your safety and enjoy secure traction on icy surfaces this winter!

Can I Rent Ice Cleats Instead Of Buying Them?

Looking to venture out onto icy terrain? Find out if renting ice cleats is a viable option. We explore the pros and cons, cost considerations, and availability to help you make the right decision. Say goodbye to slippery surfaces and hello to safer winter adventures!
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