How to take care for leather soccer cleats?
How to take care for leather soccer cleats

To play soccer, indoors or outdoor, we need cleats.

We have to care for them if we want to use them for longer.

Many cleats are made from plastic, synthetic, leather, and other materials.

How to Clean Soccer Cleats

I have already written about what to do your cleats will last longer, but today I want to give you some other tips just for leather soccer cleats.

take care for you leather cleats
Take care of your leather cleats

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They should be clean!

Do you practice soccer every day? That is great, but try to clean your cleats after every training.

It would be best to use this tip for all cleats, including leather soccer cleats.

I know cleaning your cleats may not be enjoyable after every training, but do it.

It isn’t so complicated and will only take a couple of minutes.

I haven’t cleaned my cleats in the past because I can genuinely say I was lazy.

After time things changed, I grew up, and I figured out I had to worry about my cleats to use them for a longer time.

I started to clean them after every training. Rarely do I not clean them now!

Get them dry!

Yes, the cleats should be dry after you use them again. You may be playing in rainy weather on your feet to sweat more, so try to make them dry before using them again.

What do I do when I have wet cleats? I firstly tear the newspaper to pieces, then I squash it and put it in my cleats, so the newspaper absorbs the water.

After that, I put them in a warmer place to get scorched.

You can also check at the Shoe dryer, so he will take care of your shoes and get them dry.

I don’t have it, but I’m looking to buy it soon.

Leather cream

Applying them to your leather cleats is a great way to take care of them.

Hey, I also found a video about applying leather cream on your leather cleats, which you can watch below.

I recommend you start watching it at 3:02 (I already set that on YouTube) till 6:40.


Let me repeat three main things for leather cleats.

  • Clean them after every training or match
  • Get them dry
  • Apply them with leather cream

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