Kids soccer cleats and tips how to pick them!
Kids soccer cleats and tips how to pick them!

Kids are lovely, aren’t they?

We want the best, wherever they are when they are playing soccer, so I decided to write this article about kids’ soccer cleats, which are the leading equipment in soccer besides the ball.

Here, I discussed why kid’s soccer cleats are essential, which are good, what we have to look at when choosing them, which I think are the best, and more.

Best kids soccer cleats
Best kid’s soccer cleats

Lace up your cleats and get ready to score some goals! In our article, we’ll be dishing out all the essential information about kids’ soccer cleats: what to look for, how to pick the perfect pair, and some helpful tips to ensure your little ones are equipped for success on the field.

Whether your child is a budding Messi or enjoys kicking the ball around with friends, we’ve got you covered with our expert advice and recommendations. So, let’s lace up and dive into the world of kids’ soccer cleats!

Why are they essential for kid’s cleats?

Cleats, as I mentioned above, are the most essential equipment for soccer. Why? The player who has it on this occasion kids have to wear it all the time.

They are moving with them and kicking the ball, so they must be quality and comfortable.

If they are not, kids may get hurt and injured, and their cleats may get torn very quickly, so I think it is essential to carefully choose the best kids’ soccer cleats to prevent many negative things.

I think you won’t be sure if something happens to your kid.

Which are good?

Choosing top kids’ soccer cleats is very hard, I would say. Why? Most kids cannot give the correct comments and reviews on the cleats they have.

They depend on which is good in colors, their favorite cartoon characters and designs, and what other kids their age have and talk about.

You may say now, what about parents?

Parents are lovely and can help and talk about approximations and observations about their kid, but they cannot 100% know what their child likes and wants.

Some kids say yes to some things because they respect and obey their parents, but we should consider parents’ reviews as the best approximations.

Kids Soccer Shoes 2020
Kids Soccer Shoes 2020

How to choose them?

The best way to choose them is by viewing reviews and comments of parents who have already bought kids’ soccer cleats and did a review.

When you choose a new kid’s soccer cleat, be careful to choose the right size, make sure your child likes the design & colors, and buy at a verified store.

Best kid’s soccer cleats

Here is an exciting thing that I saw, and this is the brand.

Usually, there are the most popular Adidas, Nike, and Puma brands for soccer cleats, but I discovered that people bought many Vizari kids’ soccer cleats and said that these cleats are perfect.

You can also see that this is real on

My best pair

From the list above, my best kids, soccer cleats are Vizari Blaze because they have lovely ratings and reviews.

Kids are unique, and we should care for them and give them the best so they develop into excellent persons one day. They deserve the best kids’ soccer cleats.

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Types of Soccer Cleats for Kids

When selecting soccer cleats for kids, there are three main types to consider: outdoor, indoor, and turf cleats. Each type is designed for specific playing surfaces and offers unique features to enhance performance and safety on the field.

Outdoor Cleats

Outdoor cleats are designed for playing on natural grass or firm ground surfaces, such as a soccer field. They provide excellent traction, stability, and support, allowing young players to accelerate, change direction, and kick the ball precisely. Outdoor cleats come in different variations to suit various field conditions.

Firm Ground Cleats (FG)

Firm ground cleats, also known as FG cleats, are the most common outdoor cleats. They feature molded studs or blades that provide optimal traction on firm natural surfaces. These cleats are suitable for most playing conditions and versatile enough for wet or dry weather.

Soft Ground Cleats (SG)

Soft ground or SG cleats are designed for playing on wet or muddy fields. These cleats have longer, detachable studs that stabilize and prevent the player from slipping on the soft surface. Soft ground cleats are recommended for areas with heavy rainfall or fields that tend to get muddy.

Artificial Grass Cleats (AG)

As more soccer fields are replaced with artificial turf, the demand for cleats suitable for this surface type has increased. Artificial grass cleats, also called AG cleats, feature shorter, molded studs specifically designed to provide optimal traction on synthetic grass. AG cleats are a must-have for young players who primarily play on artificial turf.

Indoor Cleats

Indoor soccer is a popular option for young players during unfavorable outdoor conditions or off-season. Indoor cleats are specifically designed for playing on indoor courts, such as gymnasiums or sports complexes. They offer excellent grip and maneuverability on hard, flat surfaces.

Indoor Court Shoes

Indoor court shoes are the most common type of indoor cleats. They feature non-marking rubber soles that provide grip without leaving scuffs on the court. These shoes typically have a low-profile design and are lightweight, allowing young players to move quickly with precision and control.

Futsal Shoes

Futsal is a variant of indoor soccer played on a hard court surface with a smaller, heavier ball. Futsal shoes are specifically designed for this fast-paced game. They feature a rubber sole with a flat surface to provide maximum grip and stability for quick turns, dribbling, and quick reactions.

Turf Shoes

Turf or rubber-sole indoor soccer shoes are suitable for playing on artificial turf or hard court surfaces. They feature small rubber studs or patterns on the sole, which provide excellent grip on these surfaces. Turf shoes are a great option for young players who play on various indoor surfaces.

Turf Cleats

Turf cleats are designed specifically for playing on artificial turf surfaces. These cleats are becoming increasingly popular as more soccer fields are replaced with synthetic grass. Turf cleats provide traction and support to prevent slips and falls on uneven surfaces.

Turf Specific Cleats

Turf-specific cleats are designed with shorter, densely placed rubber studs that provide excellent grip and stability on artificial turf. These cleats are designed to prevent stud pressure and maximize comfort during extended periods of play on turf surfaces.

Multi-ground Cleats

Some young players may find themselves playing on a variety of surfaces, including both natural grass and artificial turf. Multi-ground cleats are designed to provide optimal performance on both types of surfaces. They feature a hybrid sole construction with shorter studs for artificial turf and longer studs for natural grass, providing versatility and adaptability.

Kids Soccer Cleats And Tips How To Pick Them!

Considerations for Selecting Cleats

When selecting soccer cleats for kids, several essential factors must be considered. Ensuring the right fit, choosing the appropriate material, evaluating durability, assessing traction, and considering ankle support are all vital considerations.

Size and Fit

Proper fit is essential for comfort, performance, and injury prevention. Here are some tips for selecting the correct size and fit for your child:

Measure Your Child’s Feet

Measure your child’s feet using a measuring tape or ruler. Measure from the heel to the longest toe. Use the measurement to determine the appropriate size based on the brand’s size chart.

Consider Toe Space

Ensure your child has enough space in the toe area. There should be about a thumbnail’s width between the longest toe and the front of the cleats. This allows room for growth and prevents discomfort.

Try On Different Brands

Different brands have varying designs and sizes. It’s essential to try on various brands to find the one that fits your child’s feet best. Remember that sizes may differ between brands, so rely on the fit rather than the labeled size.

Consider Growth Room

Children’s feet increase, so it’s important to consider growth room when selecting cleats. Aim for about half an inch of extra space in the toe area to allow growth without compromising comfort and performance.

Consult the Size Chart

Review the brand’s size chart before making a purchase. Follow their guidelines to ensure accurate sizing and fit. Be aware that some brands may recommend different sizing based on the width of the child’s feet.


The material of soccer cleats can impact comfort, performance, and durability. Here are the main material options to consider:

Leather Cleats

Leather cleats offer excellent comfort and a natural, glove-like fit. They mold to the foot’s shape and provide exceptional touch and control of the ball. However, leather cleats may require more maintenance and may not be as durable as synthetic options.

Synthetic Cleats

Synthetic cleats are lightweight, durable, and often less expensive than leather cleats. They are easy to maintain and offer water resistance, making them suitable for various weather conditions. Synthetic cleats are popular for young players due to their affordability and durability.

Mesh Cleats

Mesh cleats are lightweight and breathable, providing excellent ventilation during play. They offer flexibility and a close-to-foot fit, enhancing comfort and allowing for natural foot movement. However, mesh cleats may not be as durable as leather or synthetic options and may be less suitable for rough playing conditions.


The durability of soccer cleats is essential, especially for young players who may be rough on their shoes. Consider the following factors when evaluating the durability of cleats:

Stitching and Reinforcements

Inspect the stitching and reinforcements of the cleats. Reinforced areas, such as the heel and toe, should be securely stitched to ensure durability. Double stitching or additional material layers can enhance the cleats’ longevity.

Quality of Materials

Consider the quality of the materials used in the construction of the cleats. High-quality materials, such as synthetic solid fabrics or genuine leather, are more likely to withstand rigorous play and endure a longer lifespan.

Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews and ratings to gain insights into the durability of specific cleats. Look for feedback from parents of young players who have tested the cleats in various playing conditions. Their experiences can provide valuable information on the long-term durability of the cleats.


Traction is crucial for stability, agility, and quick movements on the field. Here are the different traction options to consider:

Firm Ground Traction

Firm ground cleats typically feature molded studs or blades that provide excellent traction on natural grass surfaces. Look for cleats with strategically placed and sturdy studs that offer optimal grip and stability.

Soft Ground Traction

Soft ground cleats with longer, detachable studs are recommended for playing on wet or muddy fields. These cleats penetrate the soft surface, preventing slips and falls. Ensure the studs are durable and securely attached to the sole.

Artificial Grass Traction

Artificial grass cleats are designed to provide optimal traction on synthetic turf surfaces. Look for cleats with shorter, molded studs that allow quick movements and prevent discomfort often associated with longer studs on this surface.

Indoor/Turf Traction

Indoor and turf cleats often feature rubber soles or small rubber studs to provide excellent grip on hard court surfaces. Check for cleats with non-marking soles to avoid scuffing the indoor court. The pattern and placement of the rubber studs should offer sufficient traction for quick turns and agile movements.

Ankle Support

Ankle support is essential for preventing injuries, especially in sports involving sudden direction changes and fast movements. Here are the different ankle support options available for soccer cleats:

Low-cut Cleats

Low-cut cleats offer minimal ankle support but allow for maximum mobility and flexibility. They are suitable for players who prefer a lighter feel and quick movements on the field, but they may not provide as much stability and protection as higher-cut options.

Mid-cut Cleats

Mid-cut cleats provide a moderate level of ankle support. They balance mobility and stability, making them popular among young players. Mid-cut cleats can help prevent ankle rolls and provide some protection against impact.

High-cut Cleats

High-cut cleats offer the most ankle support and stability. They provide additional coverage and protection for the ankles, reducing the risk of sprains and other ankle-related injuries. High-cut cleats are ideal for young players who prioritize safety and require extra support due to previous injuries or instability.

Parents and young players can make informed decisions when selecting soccer cleats by considering these factors. Finding the right cleats that fit correctly, offer optimal traction, and provide adequate support will enhance the young player’s performance and enjoyment of the game. So, lace up those cleats and let the young soccer stars embrace the joy of the beautiful game!

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Q: What are kids’ soccer cleats?

A: Kids’ soccer cleats are athletic shoes specifically designed and manufactured for young soccer players. They provide traction and support to a child’s feet while playing soccer on grass, artificial turf, and other playing surfaces.

Q: Why are soccer cleats necessary for youth soccer players?

A: Proper soccer cleats can help improve a child’s performance and prevent foot injuries. They provide traction for safe and effective movement on the playing surface and allow the child to perform essential soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting more confidently and accurately.

Q: How do I pick the right size youth soccer cleats?

A: It is essential to choose soccer cleats that fit well. Measure your child’s feet and match the measurements to the shoe size chart of the cleat brand. Try on the cleats and ensure no extra space in them. It should be a snug fit but still have room for the toes to wiggle.

Q: What are some features to consider when selecting youth soccer cleats?

A: When choosing soccer cleats for kids, essential things to consider include traction, comfort, durability, style, and versatility. The cleat should provide adequate grip, have a comfortable fit, be durable enough to withstand intense use, have good style, and be adaptable to all playing surfaces.

Q: How important is the type of surface on which my child plays soccer when selecting cleats?

A: The type of surface on which a child plays soccer is crucial when selecting cleats. Soccer cleats are made for different surfaces, such as artificial turf, hard ground, and grass. So, choosing cleats that match the surface of your child’s playing field is essential.

Q: How do I filter and shop for soccer cleats online?

A: When shopping for soccer cleats online, use the built-in filter options available on the site to narrow the selection of cleats based on your specific requirements. You can filter by size, brand, surface, color, and price to find your child’s right pair of cleats. You will find many online stores offering free shipping on the cleats.

Q: When is the best time to buy soccer cleats for my child?

A: The best time to buy soccer cleats for your child is during the offseason. Buying soccer cleats during the offseason is cost-effective. You can avoid higher prices during the peak season by using coupons and deals many online retailers offer!

Q: What is the significance of agility when it comes to kids’ soccer cleats?

A: Agility is an essential aspect of soccer, and it becomes even more critical when you are a child. A good pair of soccer cleats will help a child move quickly while still controlling the ball. So, buying cleats with proper traction and a comfortable fit is essential to enhance agility and prevent injuries.

Q: Are expensive soccer cleats worth the investment for kids?

A: Expensive soccer cleats are not always the best option. Some of the most expensive pairs of soccer cleats may look good, but they may not be durable or provide the essential features needed for your child’s performance. It is always advisable to consider the cleat’s critical features rather than just the price tag.

Q: What is an excellent way to maximize the lifespan of my child’s soccer cleats?

A: To maximize the lifespan of your child’s soccer cleats, ensure they are always clean and scorched before storing them. Avoid wearing the cleats everywhere other than the soccer field, as this can wear them out more quickly. You can invest in a few varieties of soccer cleats for different playing surfaces, as changing cleats regularly can also help extend their lifespan.

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