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Ice cleats

Ice Cleats provide instant traction on ice, snow, and mud, keeping you safe from the most common winter weather injuries. We have various screw-on and slip-on ice to work with your existing boots or shoes.

Our snow and ice cleats for boots and shoes improve traction and safety on ice and snow.

Which will help reduce the risk of fractured bones, pulled muscles, or back problems caused by a quick slip or fall?

We have snow cleats in all major brands by Yaktrax, Stabilicers, SureFoot, Get-A-Grip, Due North, Korkers, Grip-Ons, and WinterGrips.

Best Ice Cleats In 2023 [Buying Guide]

Like all of our products, we are happy to offer the best brands, including YakTrax, Stabilicers, Due North, 32 North, Kahtoola, IceTrekkers, and Korkers Get-A-Grip, Ice Spikes & South Bend.

These quality brands are readily available at prices that won’t make your wallet cold.

Ice Cleats Walmart: Where To Buy Them And What Kind To Get

Winter is coming, so it's time to start thinking about how you will keep your footing on the ice and snow. One of the best ways to do that is with a pair of ice cleats. There are many different options for ice cleats, and...

Best Ice Cleats For Shoes Buying Guide

For anyone that lives in a cold climate, ice cleats are an essential item to have. They slip over your shoes and provide extra traction, so you don’t slip and fall on the ice. There are many different types and brands of ice cleats, so...

Outdoor 360 Ice Cleats for Hiking Boots and Shoes

Simplicity is the game's name when it comes to this fantastic design. It’s durable and robust material for any icy winder tracks. Features Outdoor 360 Ice Cleats for Shoes What I love most about this Outdoor 360 Ice Cleats because it is not just made for hiking...

Best Ice Cleats For Running

Winter-proofing your show sneakers is not just about keeping them clean, hot, and waterproof. It would be best to be ready for the shifting and generally unpredictable situations when you venture outside, whether on your way to work, your morning run, or a weekend hike. The...

Best Yak Tracks Running Available in 2022

In this article, we will take a look at some of the Best Chosen Yak Tracks Running. We recommend using Yaktrax Medium (Shoe Size: W 10.5-12.5/M 9-11), Gray/Red, as a high-quality product. We hope you found this blog post interesting. If you're looking for a high-quality running...

Best Ice Cleats for Winter Traction Canada in 2022

This is the ultimate buyer's guide to the Best Ice Cleats Traction Canada. We recommend using STABILicers Walk Traction Cleat for Walking on Snow and Ice, Black, X-Large (1 Pair), as it is reasonably priced. We offer easy solutions to the icy problem. For example, our rubber...

5 Top and Best Ice Cleats

If you've walked on snow and ice, you've slipped. Ice Cleats solve this problem. Whether you plan to walk your dog in the snow or scale a vertical wall of ice, you should consider buying a pair of Ice Cleats. We have mainly focused...

Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats

These Cimkiz Boots and Shoes Ice Cleats have nineteen steel spikes to maintain traction when you are out on snow or ice. The cleat's base also has a solid chain system to add to your traction on various surfaces. Construction and material Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice...

FANBX F Crampon Traction Cleats Review

Sometimes you need an affordable and easy solution. Well, keep an eye on these. You would not find bundles of top-class gimmicks here. Just strap with traction cleats attached that wraps around your foot. While these FANBX F Crampon Traction Cleats are simple and versatile, you...

3 Best Shoes for Walking on Ice

One of the simplest ways to hurt yourself is to walk on ice. It is unforgiving and slick. Also, most people are not ready for it. If you do not want to hurt yourself from a severe fall, you still face some embracement. Thankfully, we have the...
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