EONPOW Ice Grips Ice Snow Grips Cleat Over Shoe
EONPOW Ice Grips Ice Snow Grips Cleat Over Shoe

The EONPOW ice grips are the best TPE non-slip studs that provide the best traction on ice and snow situations.

The cleats help stop sliding when walking in ice by providing a firm grip with the ice.

The spec 10 studs that provide a unique ground-gripping for simple traction on ice and snow.

They are powerful and sturdy with capabilities to do under minus forty degrees C. The cleats are simple to fit and get rid of on a big range of casual shoes, boots and sports shoes.

The durable material construction and the extra studs provide the EONPOW the best fit over any hiking shoe.

The traction spikes and various sizes this comes with makes them the top across slippery surfaces of any temperature.

Features EONPOW Ice & Snow Grips Cleat Over Shoe

If you are the type that loves roaming around while snowing, the ice grip clean offers the best support you need.

The pegs appear plastic, but the rubber holder emerges extremely powerful.

It comes with a bag of extra cleats, which additional promises you of continuity.

They come in little, medium and extra big, meaning they can fit across different boot and shoe variations.

EONPOW Ice Grips Ice Snow Grips Cleat Over Shoe
EONPOW Ice Grips Ice Snow Grips Cleat Over Shoe

The grips the EONPOW provides are extremely reliable, providing you more confidence to walk on icy and snowy terrain.

The little spikes at the base are what offer the traction that you need.

The spare set of spikes is the best bonus, and though they may emerge tight to wear, they stay in place ones fitted.

Review contents


  • Rounded but hard
  • Best choices for those who need occasional grips on shoes
  • Simple to carry about
  • Provides the best grip on snow and ice


  • None
EONPOW Ice Grips Ice Snow Grips Cleat Over Shoe
EONPOW Ice Grips Ice Snow Grips Cleat Over Shoe


This ice cleat specs an anti-slip gadget that amazingly helps in avoiding treacherous slippery situations.

It also offers a firm grip on snow ground and slippery ice.

It is definitely the best anti-slip overshoe of your choice if you want to become a professional in trekking.

On top of that, it is made of non-slip and TPE material that strongly grips the ice.

The traction studs use the distinct ground-gripping studs which offer wonderful traction on ice and snow.

It functions powerfully, under forty degrees, making this traction ice cleat simple to fit around boots and sneakers.

It is definitely best for ice fishing, snow, shoveling, hunting, walking, running, jogging, hiking, etc.

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