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Ice Cleats provide instant traction on ice, snow, and mud, keeping you safe from the most common winter weather injuries. We have a wide variety of screw-on and slip-on ice to work with your existing boots or shoes.

Our snow and ice cleats for boots and shoes improve traction and safety on ice and snow.

Which will help reduce the risk of fractured bones, pulled muscles, or even back problems caused by a quick slip or fall?

We have snow cleats in all major brands by Yaktrax, Stabilicers, SureFoot, Get-A-Grip, Due North, Korkers, Grip-Ons, and WinterGrips.

Best Ice Cleats In 2022 [Buying Guide]

Like all of our products, we are happy to offer the best brands, including YakTrax, Stabilicers, Due North, 32 North, Kahtoola, IceTrekkers, and Korkers Get-A-Grip, Ice Spikes & South Bend.

These quality brands are readily available at prices that won’t make your wallet go cold.

ICETRAX Pro Winter Ice Grips for Shoes and Boots

Invest in your safety this winter with flexible ICETRAX Pro Winter Ice grips with eleven strategically placed ice cleats that offer superior traction on ice and snow. Perfect for everyday use, open-air winter activities include hiking, running, walking, and working. Features ICETRAX Pro Winter Ice Grips...

Carryown Ice Cleats Grips Non-Slip Over Shoe Review

Ice & snow tractions cleats are gadgets linked to the sole of the shoe or boot to help better tractions. They are perfect during winter when surfaces tend to be icy or snowy. Ice & traction cleats can also be used on rocky terrain and...

Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats

If you are looking for the finest Ice shoes with the best value, the Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats are cleated for you. They have a simply slip-on design to wear, ideal for daily use, and the flexibility makes them portable and comfortable to slip...

Due North Everyday G3 Ice and Snow Traction Aid

The Everyday G-3 traction aid was made even more functional and straightforward to use than every day. They are perfect for open-air winter activities that need light-duty, urban casual, athletic, and dress footwear. Features Due North Everyday G3 Ice and Snow Traction Aid Whether you are shoveling...

HONYAO Ice Grips Ice Traction Cleats Crampons

Traction Cleats Ice Grips Crampons, HONYAO Snow Grips Anti Slip 10 Teeth Stainless Steel Durable Silicone Over Shoe for Hiking, Fishing, Walking, Climbing, Jogging, Mountaineering (New Upgrade 2020) Features HONYAO Ice Grips Ice Traction Cleats Crampons The ten teeth crampons spec a tension fit...

EnergeticSky Upgraded Version of Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons

The traction ice cleat from EnergeticSky is perfect for winter trail running, hiking, and ice fishing. It specs 19-multi-direction abrasion-resistant stainless steel robust spikes and a powerful welding chain. Features EnergeticSky Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons These spikes are powerful enough to offer excellent traction on...

Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats

Available in 4 different sizes, the no-slip gripper spikes put out by the brand QUIK Solve have received an enormous welcome since their introduction into the market, and it is not hard to see why! Features Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats These removable Quik Solve...

Icetrekkers Diamond Grip Cleats

Recent purchasers reported supreme ease of usage when it came to these spikes. They like these for the strength and fantastic build that they come with. They also approve of these because of the way they support heavy-duty utilization too. About the product Icetrekkers diamond grip cleats The...

Cutieful Traction Cleats Crampons Ice Snow

Cutieful traction cleats are made to save your safety and decrease the danger of slipping and falling when walking on mud, snow, sand, and wet grass. Please note that please do not walk on the hard slipped floor or marbled floor in case of hurting...

Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats

Excursions in the snow and ice can be thrilling and breathtaking, and what more excellent way to ensure you get there safely than Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats. Construction and materials Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats  Get a solid grip on the ice with the 201 stainless builds...
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