Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats
Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats

These Cimkiz Boots and Shoes Ice Cleats have nineteen steel spikes to maintain traction when you are out on snow or ice.

The cleat’s base also has a solid chain system to add to your traction on various surfaces.

Construction and material Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats

Made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), yet provide solid and robust performance below -45 degrees C.

Very easy to put off and off with adjustable and secure straps.

It would not tear on snap, assuring long-lasting comfort and durability.

You can stretch this cleat over your boot or shoe.

Their stretchy material and construction are made from a thermoplastic elastomer five millimeters thicker than usual rubber.

This will help ensure the cleats stay on and stop the material from being damaged or torn.

Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats
Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats

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The flexible design of the Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats will allow this with different boots and shoes.

Examples of the sorts of boots and shoes you can use include hiking boots, hiking shoes, and mountaineering boots.

These cleats are made to be very portable and lightweight.

You can place them in the carrying bag when you are not using them.

This bag should fit simply in your backpack.

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It is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE),5mm thicker than ordinary rubber, with solid performance under -45°C. Easy to put on&off with secure and adjustable straps.

It won’t tear or snap, ensuring long-lasting comfort and durability.


Suitable for males and females of any age, including teenagers, adults, and elders.

They are used on angled terrain, ice roads, icy driveways, mud and wet grass, dangerous sections of trails, etc. Great for trail running, hiking, and ice fishing.


Suitable for various sports or hiking shoes and boots, mountaineering boots.

The Strap included ensures more comfort and safety.

Portable and lightweight can be put into a carry bag included will not take up much space.


This product is available in 3 different sizes to accommodate boots and shoes of various sizes.

This’ll allow women, men, and adolescents to utilize this cleat to help them walk in icy and snowy conditions.

The Strap included makes sure more comfort and safety.

Ice Cleats can put lightweight and portable in the carry bag.

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  • The stretchable material that links the cleat to your shoes is five millimeters thicker than the usual rubber.
  • There’re three different sizes available.
  • The material utilized in this is indeed durable.
  • It is completely anti-slip
  • Ideal to be utilized for a wide range of shoes, boots, and various sports
  • There are nineteen stainless steel spikes on each cleat.
  • Featured 19 significant tempered steel spikes per foot and firm chain framework, giving an excellent foothold on an assortment of territory or other most exceedingly awful circumstances, keep you safe and without injury.
  • Suitable for guys and females of any age, including teens, grown-ups, and older folks. They are used on the determined landscape, ice streets, cold carports, mud and wet grass, dangerous path region, and so forth Incredible for trail running, climbing, and ice fishing.
  • Suitable for various sports, climbing shoes, boots, and mountaineering boots. Versatile and lightweight, it can be put into the convey pack and will not consume much room. The tie ensures more comfort and well-being.


  • Some customers complaint about long-term use issues
  • On the descent, they are less stable.

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Final words Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats

Overall, I like these Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats, but the spikes on this product are not as big as what you will find on a usual crampon, so they would not be OK when climbing snowy, icy surfaces.

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Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats are outerwear that can be appended to athletic shoes or boots for walking on ice and mountain climbing. They are generally intended to have a bunch of short metal spikes on the base sole of the shoe, which softly enter an ice-shrouded surface and give the wearer an expanded foothold during development.

The most well-known use for ice cleats will be in climbing and mountaineering conditions, where fair balance is critical to keep away from injury and progress at a moderate speed. Here we should find out about Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats…

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About Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats:

An assortment of ice projection plans have been around for 100 years. The primary authority patent for ice cleats traces back to 1873, yet still, after all, the patent on the current variant was just a refinement of initial thoughts. The plan’s central area of ​​change was the ice cleats’ foothold component.

Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats were made of iron, with the focus focused close to the toe area of a boot and not flexible. Further refinement of the thought-presented pins would permit the location of the spikes to be moved without eliminating the ends and a change to steel, lighter and more straightforward to work with, and customizable heel parts.

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Key Features:

Running in complex ways is safer with these thermoplastic elastomer ice cleats from Cimkiz. They go with 19 best-quality steel spikes and a divisible Velcro tie that comfortably holds the shoe’s fitting and recommends superior traction while walking or running on a complex surface.

You could wear these solid, versatile spikes on a determined area. These waterproof ice cleats are flexible, which simplifies them to pack and convey. Likewise, the adaptable lashes facilitate them to wear.


These spikes are made to be entirely compact and lightweight. The Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats’ flexible plan will permit this use with various boots and shoes. You can utilize some such boots and shoes, including climbing boots, climbing shoes, and mountaineering boots.

This pack should fit basically in your rucksack. The front part and the heel are connected by a bar, with the help of which the crampons are adjusted in size. You can put them in the included conveying sack when not utilizing them.

Staples on rigid mounts are shaped to fit most welted boots that must be seated between metal cheeks-limiters. If crampons are finely sized, they are held without a sling.


They suit classic climbs with horizontal front teeth, no double-tooth climbs, sheer, overhanging, or steep hard ice, and long rocky sections. Crampons with flat front teeth work well on snow, firn, and summer ice. The number of teeth – 10 or 12 – does not matter. Both options are suitable.

Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats are heavier and structurally more complex, but they cut into the snow better. Steel crampons are durable, long-lasting, hold well on ice, and don’t dull rocks so quickly.

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All the rest are shorter, with notches for firn, and holes on the front sides reduce the crampons’ overall weight. Temporary teeth with less aggressive geometry have a plus.

Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats are more comfortable to walk on, and they also allow you to move more steadily on mixed terrain – safely walk on snow and firn, ice, and rocky areas. On stones, such teeth slide less than long ones.


A branded Rock & Lock buckle on the safety sling with a G-shaped latch. This system is more convenient than the traditional two-ring system found on Grivel models. The Strap refuels quickly, does not loosen, and will not open spontaneously on the route.

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Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats have an aggressive enough geometry for mountaineering on low and medium-difficulty mountain hiking routes. Walk on snow, firn, and non-solid ice and overcome rocky areas.


Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleat is the most massive model of ice cleats. They are the heaviest in the review, but they have been tested by time and by more than one thousand climbers on different planet peaks. They climbed Lhotse and Everest.

The shape of the crampons follows the edge of the boot, and the long but powerful front teeth are in the right place. There are special notches on the four teeth in the heel area for efficient movement on the firn. They cut into densely packed snow and hold up perfectly.

Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats is sold with patented plastic anti-slip pads in the shape of a pillow. They have a curved surface, so we shoot off the adhering snow. You won’t have to knock clods off your feet with each steppeth.

Crampons for low and medium-difficulty mountaineering can be used in mountain hiking.

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Traction Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons Review

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STABILicers Walk Traction Ice Cleat, Medium (7.5-10 Men / 8.5-12 Women), Black

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Wirezoll Crampons, Stainless Steel Ice Traction Cleats for Snow Boots and Shoes, Safe Protect Grips for Hiking Fishing Walking Mountaineering etc. (Black, L)

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Q: What are Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats?

A: Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats are traction devices designed to grip and traction on icy pavement, making them ideal for winter running or walking on slippery surfaces.

Q: Are Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats the best overall traction device?

A: While Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats are highly rated for their performance and durability, the best overall traction device may vary depending on individual needs and preferences.

Q: Are Yaktrax and Kahtoola Trail Crampon the same?

A: No, Yaktrax and Kahtoola Trail Crampon are different brands of traction devices. Both provide snow and ice traction but have different designs and features.

Q: Do Hillsound winter traction devices work well with winter boots?

A: Hillsound winter traction devices are designed to work well with winter boots. They provide extra grip and stability on snow and ice, enhancing the performance of your footwear.

Q: Can I use Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats on the pavement?

A: Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats are designed for traction on icy pavement. They have stainless steel spikes that bite into the ice, preventing slips and falls.

Q: Are Nanospikes the best traction cleats for winter running?

A: Nanospikes are highly regarded for their aggressive traction and stability, making them a popular choice for winter running. However, the best traction cleats may vary depending on personal preferences and the specific conditions you will be running in.

Q: Do Kahtoola Microspikes provide good traction on thick ice?

A: Kahtoola Microspikes are designed to provide excellent traction on thick ice. They feature 12 stainless steel spikes that offer aggressive grip and stability.

Q: Can I use ice cleats for boots while ice fishing?

A: Yes, ice cleats for boots are suitable for ice fishing. They provide traction on the slippery surface of frozen lakes or rivers, giving you peace of mind and preventing slips or falls.

Q: How many spikes do the Unigear traction cleats have?

A: The Unigear traction cleats have 18 stainless steel spikes that offer aggressive traction. These spikes help bite into ice and provide a secure grip.

Q: Are ice cleats suitable for running shoes?

A: Ice cleats are available and designed specifically for running shoes. These cleats attach to the top of the foot and provide traction and stability on icy surfaces, allowing for safe winter running.

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