Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats
Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats

This Cimkiz Boots, Shoes Ice Cleats each have nineteen steel spikes to help you maintain traction when you are out on snow or ice.

The base of the cleats also has a solid chain system to help add to your traction on a range of surfaces.

Construction and material Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats

Made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), yet provide solid and strong performance below -45 degree C.

Very easy to put off and off with adjustable and secure straps. Would not tear on snap, assuring long-lasting comfort and durability. You can stretch this cleat over your boot or shoe.

Their stretchy material and construction are made for a thermoplastic elastomer that is five millimeters thicker than usual rubber.

This will help to make sure the cleats stay on and stop the material from getting damaged or torn simply.

Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats
Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats


The flexible design of the Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats will allow this to be utilized with different sorts of boots and shoes.

A few examples of the sorts of boots and shoes you can use them include hiking boots, hiking shoes, and mountaineering boots.

These cleats are made to be very portable and lightweight. When you are not using them, you can place them in the included carrying bag.

This bag should fit simply in your backpack.



Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE),5mm thicker than ordinary rubber, till strong performance under -45°C.Easy to put on&off with secure and adjustable straps.

Won’t tear or snap, ensuring long-lasting comfort and durability.


Suitable for males and females of any age including teenagers, adults, elders.

Used on angled terrain, ice roads, icy driveway, mud and wet grass, dangerous sections of trail, etc. Great for trail running, hiking, and ice fishing.


Suitable for various kinds of sports or hiking shoes and boots, mountaineering boots.

The Strap included ensures more comfort and safety.

Portable and lightweight, can be put into the carry bag included, will not take up much space.



This product is available in 3 different sizes to accommodate boot and shoes of various sizes.

This’ll allow women, men, and adolescents to utilize this cleat to help them when walking in icy and snowy conditions.

The strap included makes sure more comfort and safety.

Lightweight and portable can be put in the carry bag.


  • Stretchable material utilized to link the cleat to your shoes is five millimeters thicker than the usual rubber
  • There’re 3 different sizes available
  • Material is utilized in this is indeed durable
  • It is completely anti-slip
  • Ideal to be utilized for a wide range of shoes, boots and for various sports
  • There are nineteen stainless steel spikes on each cleat


  • Some customer complaint about long term use issues

Final words Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats

Overall, I really like these Cimkiz Boots Shoes Ice Cleats, but the spikes on this product are not as big as what you will find on a usual crampon, so they would not be fine to wear when climbing snowy, icy surfaces.


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