Carryown Ice Cleats Grips Non-Slip Over Shoe Review
Carryown Ice Cleats Grips Non-Slip Over Shoe Review

Carryown Ice Cleats, Ice Grips Traction Cleats Grippers Non-Slip Over Shoe

Ice & snow tractions cleats are gadgets that are linked to the sole of the shoe or boot to help better tractions. They are perfect during winter seasons when surfaces tend to be icy or snowy. Ice & traction cleats can also be used on rocky terrain and other hard surfaces. They not just stop the sole of the shoes from being destroyed by the extreme atmosphere but also save the wearer from serious issues that are due to slips.

These gadgets have spikes that pierce packed now to provide you much-required stability. Most of them are also made of aluminium construction to let you walk them for long distances without getting worried.

Carryown Ice Cleats, Ice Grips Traction Cleats Grippers Non-Slip Over Shoe

About the product

In this product, the ice grippers have powerful wear resistance, flexibility, lightweight, long enough to make and perfect for manoeuvring on the ice.

Best for winter-ice cleats are best for the outdoor worker, any person who want extra stability traction and safety. This traction clean fit boosts, dress and casual shoes great for ice fishing, running, walking, hunting, snow shovelling, etc.


  • Designed to help you hike on packed ice or snow. Stop slipping on snow and ice situations
  • Extra ten replacement steel studs added each package. Simple to get off and on weight lightweight constructions and folds up to fit in your pocket.


Rock climbing

These shoes provide a relaxed fit for all-day relaxation. They permit your toes to lie flat within the shoes. Because they tend to be more relaxed, neutral shoes are a remarkable choice for beginner climbers, but they are also best for experienced climbers who want to relax, all-day shoes for long multi-pitch climbs.

Outdoor Sport

These shoes have extremely downturned toes and lots of heel tension to your feet in a powerful and durable position for challenging overhanging climbs and outdoor sports. Most aggressive shoes have an asymmetric shape that curves towards the huge toe, targeting power over the toe for right placements on little holds. Because of the snug fit and downturned shape, climbers generally wear aggressive shoes for single-pitch sport climbs and routes at the gym rather than full-day multi-pitch climbs.

Cave Exploration

Any climbing shoe value its salt will have the right fit on the toe. The toes should be powerfully supported in the front of the shoe as much as can be done amazingly. With climbing shoes, the aim is almost forever the elimination of dead area and the toe box is no exception. It should be tight from top to base and side to side. On the top of the toe, externally, you will generally view a patch of climbing shoe rubber. This toe rubber is vital for any type of steep climbing you may want to do, whether sport or bouldering climbing.


  • This is an outdoor mountaineering auxiliary tools, please do not use it as an expert rock climbing tool or other tools.
  • For oversized boots or shoes, we advised purchasing one size bigger than your general shoe size.
  • After each use, please keep clean and dry before save it.
Last updated on October 12, 2020 3:19 am