This AGOOL Ice Cleats is the most OK snow and ice grippers option that fixes over the boots or shoes so ideal for all types of sports sneakers with addition to the VELCRO strap that makes this ice grip further stable on the footwear so forever great choice and perfects to provide ideal feeling because this is the option that’s always great.

These are designed with the best quality TPE material so highly lightweight, durable, and top quality elastic with stretching over existing boots or shoes. This is made to fit considerably for appropriate over sneakers, shoes, or boots, and this is great.

AGOOL Ice Cleats – Main Features

  • Compact design – The compact design of that AGOOL Ice Cleats lets you purchase with this concept that is comfortable on foot.
  • Stretch to fit – this fit ideal and stretch that’s a great deal option to make wonderful with that ideal this look great and perfect done.
  • Lightweight and portable – it’s the extremely light and portable option of walk traction ice cleats which work best on snow and ice
  • Best Quality Material – Anti-slip thermoplastic rubber tread remains very flexible below minus 45 would tear to snap.
  • Unisex and Highly Elastic – Ideal for various sorts of sports or hiking sneakers and boots, rough shoes
  • Twenty-four multi-directional stainless steel cleats – cleats under the shoe which can bite into snow or ice and dig into varieties surfaces without rusting or bending
  • Increase traction, assist you in working and walking safer in to slip surfaces

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What we like

  • Excellent spikes
  • Worth the price
  • provide strong safety and grips
  • Good useful made
  • Look very decent and cute
  • It fits on every shoe, boot, and sneaker

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What we don’t like

  • Hard to walk

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Last updated on November 11, 2021 11:34 pm