best soccer cleats for shooting
He had sure one of best soccer cleats for shooting.

Do you want to score more goals and you are searching for the best soccer cleats for shooting?

Well, you are probably a striker or a midfielder who wants to show more, score more goals and take a step forward in his career.

If you are interested in scoring more goals, this is great, so today I’m going to show you which are the best soccer cleats for shooting.

Find more how I selected the best 5, which are my favorite and what I think below!

How I selected them?

Well, I’m also playing soccer, and I play as a right-winger and striker/forward position, so my mission and job are to score goals.

Of course, more that we score, better it is. I went through many cleats, so I have used here my opinion and experience.

I selected them based on the experience of my teammates and I had and have different models. Find the list below!

Best soccer cleats for shooting and more goals!


My favorite pair!

My favorite cleats are the Predator Instinct cleats. I love the Predator models.

They are my number 1 cleats every time I have to buy new cleats.

I have worn a lot of Predator models and also scored a lot of goals with them, and because of that, I recommend them and are my best soccer cleats for shooting.

Scoring goals

Hey, you probably want something more in your career if you want to score more goals.

Every improvement starts with a question of how I can improve something.

Finding the best soccer cleats for the shooting is the beginning, and you are in a good way if you are thinking like that, but I have to remind you that the hardest things will come later when you start training.

You have to work hard every day if you want to be better.

Train every day, and never give up.

I think this is the main thing when improving skills in every sport, not just soccer.

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