Nike T90 Laser IV Review
Nike T90 Laser IV Review

Nike is a popular brand in all sports, but in soccer, they have a big role because Nike soccer cleats are very popular. They are producing many different models of cleats. New Nike cleats are coming out quite fast, so you have plenty to choose from. Nike is not a new brand, they exist since 1971, they a great history and they have produced many great soccer cleats. With every new model they try to be better, so the players have a better experience. I don’t want to talk a lot about Nike brand, I want today to talk about Nike T90 Laser IV soccer cleats.

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What do you think about them? Well, I think they are a good looking pair of cleats. I like this unique & main color, which is similar to orange. I would say dark orange. It comes with a perfect combination of the black Nike logo in the middle and light blue studs.


These cleats are made for players to bring them comfort, but what about the quality. Well, they are mostly made of rubber which is tough and durable, so I think it may last for a longer time, but I’m not sure what would be the feeling if somebody stepped on your foot. I think that the player would feel it quite a bit.

What are Nike T90 Laser IV cleats made for?

These Nike T90 Laser IV cleats are on the first side made for strikers. Nike designed these cleats, so the player has a great feeling with touch and because they are for strikers for scoring more goals. They are flexible and with them, you should also improve the shot accuracy. The sock liner reduces the pressure from studs and supports the hell and provides a counter arch.

Want more info?

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What do I think?

I think that Nike T90 Laser IV cleats are a pair of cleats that are very comfortable. These pairs of cleats are also great for players who want to score more goals. They are for sure a great choice for strikers. They could be also easily worn by wingers and attacking midfielders. What I like about them is that they are lightweight, so it is easy to wear. When I play soccer I enjoy wearing lightweight cleats. I think I play better with this type of cleats. What I like about Nike brand is they are producing really cool soccer cleats, they are very innovative.

I hope this Nike T90 Laser IV review was good and you have found some additional information about this product. Now if you want to score more goals and play comfortable, you should order this pair of cleats.