Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats – Solid Grip on Ice and Snow
Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats – Solid Grip on Ice and Snow

Excursions in the snow and ice can be thrilling and breathtaking, and what greater way to ensure you get there safely than Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats.

Construction and materials Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats 

Get a solid grip on the ice with the 201 stainless builds and weatherproof TPE rubber, which will perform even in the coldest, harshest conditions.

Hardened spikes make sure a very tight and no-slip grip on the treacherous hill passes, snowy roads, during river tracing on any other unstable walking ways.

They might look complicated, but ice grips are really quite simple to put on and utilize.

Just add your toe at the top of the Crampon, then stretch to the backside of your cleat and secure.

Adjust the straps as essential for every shoe size, women and men!

You will forever stay safe in hazardous, slippery conditions with the simple Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats.

Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats – Solid Grip on Ice and Snow
Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats – Solid Grip on Ice and Snow


For its price tag, this would be a fine investment option for any consumer.

These would enhance your performance when undertaking different areas, such as hill climbing in areas characterized by snow and ice.


These snow and ice cleats give you a fine grip and traction on slippery conditions.

So you can definitely count on then when the ice and snow during the winter season.


Other than being made with the best quality materials, these elements fit well on the cleats such that you’d never have to worry about tumbling from your cleat at any given point in time.

Ease of use

These additions to the gadget’s design make sure that the extension becomes a part of your cleats when you move without them moving about to make discomfort.


  • They’re made of great quality materials to guarantee their durability.
  • The straps enhance how really well the protrusion fits on your boots.
  • They’re flexible and can fit ideally well.
  • They provide an amazing grip on ice and snow.


  • It’s costly compared to some others in the same category.

Final words Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats

Solid build quality, impressive design, strong grip on ice and snow make these Sportneer Ice Traction Cleats a supreme choice for anyone considering to buy ice and snow traction cleats.

The cleats’ price is a bit high compared to their opponents, but features and build made one step ahead from all other options in the same category.

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