NIKE Boy's JR Bravata II FG Soccer Cleats
NIKE Boy's JR Bravata II FG Soccer Cleats

These are the best soccer shoes for your child to enjoy and develop their soccer expertise.

Its synthetic design is durable and is rated as one of the tops by the customers.

If your kid loves soccer, these shoes are going to make him/her extremely happy.

They are lightweight and extremely relax in wearing also accessible in different colors.

Get your kids these sweet shoes and view them ruling the soccer field.

They are designed for success and speed the first touch and promises to make the wearer feel skillful and relax.

It has a special micro-textured synthetic leather upper that not just provides it a chill look but helps kids to have excellent control of the ball.

The asymmetrical lacing is strategically located as to not get in the way of the ball and the sock liner offers best cushioning for a relaxing ride.

This speedy and durable soccer shoe is best for any serious soccer player.

NIKE Boy's JR Bravata II FG Soccer Cleats
NIKE Boy’s JR Bravata II FG Soccer Cleats

Features NIKE Boy’s JR Bravata II FG Soccer Cleats

Asymmetrical lacing design provides you a bigger ball control place for more continue play

Synthetic leather upper with micro-texture delivers unmatched feel, durability, and touch while better ball control at top speeds

Rubber FG outsole offers amazing traction, constancy, and acceleration to play our top soccer and go on to develop your game

Contoured, perforated sockliner provides highest lightweight cushioning for reduced stud force and included comfort


The upper is the top part of the soccer and covers all but the plantar surface of the foot.

The upper offers lateral and medial stability and helps offer control of the ball during play.

The upper design and material also permit the wearer to feel the ball when passing or dribbling.

NIKE Boys Bravata Soccer Cleats
NIKE Boys Bravata Soccer Cleats

Upper materials

The upper stuff can be made of natural leather, synthetic stuff and more recently, woven knit. Leather has the benefit of providing a flexible fit and is mainly best for wide feet.

Leather is also the best for durability.

Anyway, in comparison to non-woven synthetics, leather is more costly and absorbs water, rising the weight. Leather uppers are not accessible in youth soccer shoe sizes.


  • Asymmetrical lacing provides a bigger area to kick the ball
  • Textured upper looks best and helps the player have excellent control of the ball
  • Relax sock liner
  • Range of color choices and a stylish design
  • Strong upper


  • Runs narrow
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