Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens Soccer Cleats
Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens Soccer Cleats

The Men’s Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG soccer boot specs a low-profile dynamic fit collar and synthetic upper that covers your foot for a skin-like fit straight out of the box.

The two-part popular plate system offers propulsive speed at every step.

Features Nike Superfly 6 Academy Soccer Cleats

  • Micro-textured, two-tone upper offers precise touch at high speeds
  • Dynamic fit collars link foot and lower leg while leaving ankle free tom move.
  • Chevron and circular studs are made for both fake and natural grass pitches
  • Podular plate system makes propulsive traction
  • Sculpted arch with inside last offers responsive support

The superfly upper feels weighty, mainly fresh out of the box.

When striking/passing the ball, I did not pretty feel as it was really contacting the ball.

The upper is extremely padded, making fit awkward strong.

As I said before, the synthetic is padded and thick, making the touch a bit too solid and plastic.

I personally like a snug, one to one, naked foot feel with my boots, but this did not give me that.

The Superfly 6 Academy Cleats  does spec a one-piece construction with the elastic collar that goes via the laced place, generally where a tongue would be, and around the ankle.

The collar stuff is on the affordable side, as it feels more like a real elasticated sock rather than a real knit collar.

That is fully okay since this is a takedown model, but regardless of that, the collar does grip ankle perfectly for a close to a seamless transition from ankle to foot.

The collar fulfills its objective of feels and looks.

The heel forces into Achilles/heel, which was pretty uncomfortable over time.

The main spec of the new superfly 6 academy, is the MG multi-ground soleplate.

It is a hybrid and conical studs to permit play on different open-air surfaces, and fake ground.

The hybrid plate is the best idea if you do not want to purchase separate AG and FG cleats. The MG soleplate does get the work done, but it is not a noticeable difference.

With a general FG Mercurial, you obtain blended studs.

You can feel a bit more hold it can be a bit serious while pivoting, as it can cause knee issues from too much hold.

The AG soleplate does sacrifice some hold but does have less probability to cause an issue.


The Multi-ground soleplate is a remarkable blend of the two, having banded and conical studs permitting me to amazingly run with a strong grip without feeling overly dangerous.

Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens Soccer Cleats

Nike has put some perfect takedown models, and although this personally is one of the tops, the Nike Superfly 6 Academy MG is the best budget model for those who do not want to splash the cash.

For its price, it offers a perfect boot for players.

It is a perfect boot that could use some touch-ups to be even excellent.

Last updated on February 25, 2021 3:46 am