Nike Superfly 6 Elite FG Men's Football CLEATS
Nike Superfly 6 Elite FG Men's Football CLEATS

Part of the Nike Mercurial family, the Nike Superfly 6 Elite FG soccer cleats spec a Flyknit upper, wrapping underneath your foot for an all-enveloping, second-skin-like fit straight out of the box. The special two-part soleplate system uses a lightweight internal system that flexes for speed with every step.


  • Single-piece upper with active fit collar wraps within the foot for an adaptive fit.
  • Podular plate structure with inner chassis flexes for propulsive traction.
  • Micro-textured Flyknit construction offers touch at top speeds.
  • Low-profile dynamic fit collar attaches the foot and lower leg.
  • Heel lining and Nike grip top cloth reduce internal movement.
  • ACC technology offers optimal ball control.
  • Chevron studs offer traction on firm-ground pitches
  • Heel linking and Nike grip top cloth reduce internal movement.


  • It fits your foot while playing for the reason that it wraps your food full and provides support to it.
  • Its Micro-textured Flyknit construction offers you touch when you are running on high-speed.
  • These shoes are made with ACC technology which helps in control the ball
  • Podular plate offers flexible traction with the support of the internal chassis. The dynamic fit collar attaches the foot and lower leg.
  • The heel lining and Nike grip top cloth support in decreasing internal foot movement.
  • Chevron studs offer simple traction on dry and wet ground pitches.
  • The most vital advantage of these shoes is they come with long durability and offers you more flexibility.


  • Little bit expensive

Nike Superfly 6 Elite FG Men's Football Boots


360-degree Flyknit

A 360-degree Flyknit upper wraps around the foot for a second-skin, and an adaptive fit. A lower dynamic fit collar is less restrictive, while still provide a perfect fit from leg to foot.


The Flyknit upper is an extremely thin and lightweight, providing a barefoot touch and strike on the ball. This permits for very quick, close touches at the highest speeds.


Lightweight popular plates in the forefoot and heel mimic the foot areas for a racing seat fit. The size-specific internal chassis provides the best amount of responsiveness and flex.


Apart from being damn right charming with its iridescent shimmer and split design, the soleplate of this boots work as well as it looks. The front studs slice into the ground fast to help acceleration on the vital first few explosive strides, and the rear soleplate is made to aid de-acceleration to advantage changes in direction.


Nike has rejected the temptation to join the laceless action and the fit of the shoe is benefitted from that. We have found that laceless boots can sometimes overcompensate for the lack of laces and force hard against the foot, mainly the toes to stop the boot from becoming loose.

We will speak more about the boots feel later, but to clear things up in regards to sizing. We want real to size with no problems. Bang on.