New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat men's lacrosse Review
New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat men's lacrosse Review

The New Balance Freeze LX 2.0 cleats contain a 3D saddle that has been woven into the plate. This is amazingly successful at providing you with a ton of support when it comes to making cruel cuts.

You are also provided with lots of traction unilaterally.

Features New Balance FreezeLX Cleat Lacrosse

So, you can make fast changes of direction and feel stable. In addition to this, there is an elastic heel band accessible on the exterior of the cleats that permit you to have even more support.

With a FreshFoam insert added, you are capable to play lacrosse and feel super relaxed.

These foam materials are amazing for providing you with a cushion that is relaxing. It also stops your feet from slipping within your shoe.

People have also been liking how they are capable to experience a more customized fit with these shoes.

As an outcome, you are capable to wear them and have them fit your right preferences.

We also liked how there is a twin-density TPU plate accessible.

It works well to permit you to feel extremely flexible to be capable to play with more mobility.

New Balance has forever been remarkable when it comes to footwear especially for relaxation. These are so relaxed and have such perfect anatomical fit.

You may have to purchase half a size bigger but if you have narrow feet then these are a stunning choice.

New Balance FreezeLX 2.0 Cleat men's lacrosse Review


  • 3D woven saddle made with cutting data in mind that offers superior lateral support for demanding cuts external elastic heel band for lockdown assist
  • FreshFoam insert that offers extra heel cushioning and extra underfoot traction to help stop foot slip within the shoe.
  • Film overlay on the tip for included durability
  • Updated completely booty construction for simple entry and a custom-like fit


  • Using data to design, the NB FreezeLX specs the game’s first-ever plate built for lacrosse.
  • QuixRail delivers lugs made to mirror the angles in which lacrosse athletes cut all through the game providing the best traction
  • Twin-Density TPU plate offers the best mixture of stability, flexibility, and traction
  • Strategically made base lugs offer unparalleled underfoot traction while simultaneously delivering unmatched rotational release

Other features

  • Complete bootie tongue makes a custom-like fit
  • Dual-Density TPU plate offers the best mixture of stability, flexibility and traction
  • Internal heel pads lock your foot in the location
  • Mesh collar engineered to offer superior support with out of the box relaxation
  • Lamitex helps stop upper stretching and wear while offering unmatched stability

Final verdict

It is no secret that you want to ensure first and foremost cleats fit your feet.

It is almost shocking how often you view players with shoes that are either too little or too big for them.

You would not generally do this with your everyday shoes and it is actually the same with cleats.

Bear in mind, they are also vital for protection because shoes that do not fit you’re right can cause injuries to not just your feet but also your legs.

Last updated on August 1, 2020 2:43 pm