Best Lightest Baseball Cleats 2020
Best Lightest Baseball Cleats 2020

Looking for one of the best baseball cleats?

If so, I would like to show you my top picks for the year – before that I’ll show you everything you need to consider when making your purchase.

I’m sure you’ll see a pair that you want to play with by the time you’re done reading.

How To Choose Baseball Cleats

There are a few things to think about when purchasing this product and I would focus on:

  • Type of cleat
  • Sizing
  • Smaller features (comfort, ankle protection, durability, etc.)

The first thing you need to consider is what type of cleats you’ll need and this comes down to needs. There are 3 kinds and they are:

  • Molded Cleats: Molded cleats have tips made of either rubber or plastic and tend to be long-lasting and budget-friendly. They don’t grip the ground as well as metal, though. You can use them on most surfaces and are especially good in very muddy conditions.
  • Metal Cleats: These are definitely the most popular for older players because they offer the best traction. They excel in both dirt and grass but aren’t the best on turf. Almost all the cleats on this list are metal.
  • Turfs: Turfs are more of a practice shoe or best when you’re at an indoor training facility – basically anywhere with an artificial surface.

After, you have to get the correct size. Sizing a cleat is basically the same as sizing a shoe but with a cleat you want it to be snug. You really don’t want your foot to move around a ton because you can get blisters that way.

Lastly, you need to focus on the smaller features of the product you’re considering like ankle protection, construction (lows, mids, or high) and durability. You want a cleat that’s going to prevent ankle rolls and that is going to last. Buying from a name brand will ensure you’re getting the best and that’s all you’ll see on this list.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at my top picks now.

Adidas Adizero Afterburner 4

Adidas Adizero Afterburner 4

The Adidas Adizero Afterburner 4 is a cleat that’s made to excel and is a product that all high performing athletes should consider. If you purchase the Afterburner 4’s you’ll love what you get here.

One thing I really like about these cleats is the SPRINT SKIN upper. This upper ensures you’re locked in place and won’t let your ankle move around – plus it’s extremely lightweight. The combination gives you great ankle protection and won’t slow you down.

If that’s not enough, you’ll really like that these cleats feature:

  • The toe cap is abrasion-proof and won’t wear out from toe drag.
  • Snug bootie construction is another reason you feel so secure while wearing these.
  • Sock liner gives you maximum comfort. Not sure if you’ve ever worn uncomfortable cleats before but it’s terrible and this prevents that from happening.
  • LIGHT STRIKE Eva midsole adds even more comfort by putting padding is strategically placed spots. Also, it’s extremely lightweight too.
  • 7 different metal cleats give you maximum traction and keep you from slipping.
  • 11 different colors so you can get the exact look you want and match it to your jersey and pants.

These cleats aren’t horribly priced either. I wouldn’t say they’re cheap but they’re certainly not overly expensive. I think they’re priced exactly where they should be and I think you’ll come to that same conclusion if you decide on the Afterburner 4’s.


New Balance L4040v3

New Balance L4040v3

The New Balance L4040v3 is another cleat that I know you’re going to love and this is one of the most popular on the market. There are thousands of baseball players happily lacing up these cleats and very satisfied with the performance they give.

One thing that jumps out with the L4040 is how lightweight they are. If you’re someone that relies heavily on speed, this is something you’ll really appreciate. You’ll be able to steal bases and beat out infield hits with these cleats on your feet.

If that’s not enough, you’ll like they come with:

  • Fantom Fit upper is one reason this product is so lightweight and it provides a good amount of ankle protection as well.
  • Debris free tongue keeps dirt from piling up in your shoe.
  • Toe-protect ensures this cleat won’t develop holes and easily lasts the rigors of a full season.
  • Full-length REVlite RC midsole adds a bunch of comfort and your feet will feel good the entire time you’re wearing them.
  • New Balance Data-Driven Outsole and 8 metal spike layout ensure you can grip any surface and you’ll be able to plant and explode.
  • 15 different colors and designs so you get the perfect look.

This is another product that’s priced perfectly and won’t break the bank. It also has over a hundred reviews and almost all are overwhelmingly positive. If you want to see what all these customers are saying about the L4040, click below:


Nike Air Clipper 17

Nike Air Clipper 17

Anytime you purchase from Nike you know you’re getting a product that’s top of the line, high performing and durable – that’s exactly what you’ll get with their Clipper 17’s. Any person that decides on these cleats will be happy with what they get.

One reason for this is the Flywire cables found throughout this product. What these wires do is provide a ton of support and ensures that you won’t roll an ankle or anything like that.

The last thing you want is to injure your ankle and end up on the bench – the Clipper’s will keep that from happening.

Some other aspects that you’ll like includes:

  • Synthetic leather upper is long-lasting and it won’t cause any distracting pains to your foot.
  • Comfort collar provides a ton of comfort and makes these products very enjoyable to wear.
  • Ventilation throughout ensures your feet won’t overheat and sweat. This reduces the likelihood of blisters, which is the last thing you want to develop.
  • Full-length Phylon midsole puts cushioning strategically on the inside for even more comfort.
  • Sockliner gives you a nice snug fit and locks your foot in place.
  • Divots built into the outsole prevents clumps of dirt and mud to build up anywhere.
  • 9 metal cleats make sure you can grip the ground well and make the cuts needed to make the play or steal a base.

Usually Nike products are the most expensive on the market but that’s not the case here. The Clippers aren’t cheap but they’re certainly not the most expensive on this list. If you’re looking for quality I would seriously think about these cleats.


Under Armor Highlight Yard

Under Armor Highlight Yard

One thing that really jumps out with the Under Armour Highlight is they have high tops and are probably higher than any other cleat on this list. If you’re someone that’s looking for extra ankle support or have suffered from ankle injuries in the past, this is a product you really should consider. They’ll protect this part of your body as well as any other cleat.

Even though they’re high tops they’re very flexible and lightweight too – they won’t feel bulky or slow you down. It’s nice that you don’t have to sacrifice anything for maximum ankle support.

That’s not it either and there’s plenty of other features, like:

  • Very comfortable and every part of this cleat is designed to feel good.
  • Breathable ankle collar not only gives you a secure fit but also improves airflow. You won’t have to worry about over sweating or anything like that with the Highlights.
  • Materials that add reinforcements throughout the product improves durability and make sure this cleat won’t tear or rip.
  • Superfoam insole is another reason why this cleat is so comfortable and it absorbs shocks.
  • Charged cushioning gives you a boost in the speed department and you’ll feel very fast.
  • Strategically placed spikes ensure that you get the best possible traction possible and make sure you won’t slip all over the place.

I personally think these are one of the best cleats you can get and because of that, they’re going to cost a little extra. They’re worth the extra cost, though. These cleats will have you playing at your absolute best out there.


Adidas Boost Icon 3

Adidas Boost Icon 3

Here we have another product from Adidas and the Boost Icon 3 is a cleat that basically everyone should consider. The only group I would say might want to look elsewhere is anyone that has ankle issues.

The reason I say this is because these are low cut and won’t provide much ankle stability – you can always pair these cleats with an ankle brace, though, if that’s an issue. The combination of the two should give you all the protection you need.

Some other top features include:

  • Synthetic upper gives you a nice snug fit and your foot won’t shift around a ton because of this.
  • Most padding throughout the product is ultra-comfortable. In fact the Boost Icon 3 is one of the most comfortable cleats on the market.
  • 8 different spikes improve your traction and ensure you’re at your absolute fastest. If you rely heavily on the speed you’ll really like this.
  • 12 different colors so you should have no problem matching it to your jersey.
  • Extremely durable and has reinforcements in all the right spots – these cleats won’t wear out or tear during the season.

The Boost Icon 3 is one of the pricier cleats on this list. If you have a little extra to spend I would think about this product, though. This is one of the most popular for a reason and you’ll like the way they feel on your feet.


Nike Lunar Ultrafly Elite

Nike Lunar Ultrafly Elite

If you’re looking to save a little on cleats this year and spend well under $100, the Nike Lunar Ultrafly Elite’s is a product that can work for you. Even though these cleats are cost-effective they still perform on the field and you’ll like stepping into the batters’ box with them on.

One reason for this is the Flywire technology that’s found throughout this product. This technology ensures you have a nice, stable, and snug fit – it honestly feels like this cleat is a part of your foot and not a separate piece of footwear.

Some other benefits include:

  • Synthetic and breathable mesh. This means these cleats keep air moving and your feet won’t oversweet.
  • The tongue-less design creates an ultra-comfortable and sock-like fit. This is another reason why it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing anything.
  • Kurim technology makes this cleat abrasion-proof and ensures it won’t rip or tear.
  • Lunarlon foam is very comfortable and gives you a boost in performance. You’ll feel like you can run and make cuts as fast as possible.
  • A combination of metal and plastic cleats give you the best of both worlds – the traction and gripping of metal with the benefits of plastic.

For all that you’re getting, it’s pretty amazing this is one of the cheaper cleats on this list. The Lunar Ultrafly Elite also comes in a few different colors and if you want to look at them all, click below:


Under Armour Harper One

Under Armour Harper One

It only makes sense that one of the best baseball players on earth, Bryce Harper, would have one of the best cleats – the Under Armour Harper One is a cleat that everyone can wear and be happy with the results.

One thing you’re going to like here is the top of the line ankle protection. These cleats go higher up than most and you get a strap to tighten things up a little bit.- you’ll have a hard time rolling your ankle because of this.

If that’s not enough, you’ll like that these come with:

  • A ventilated upper ensures that sweat doesn’t build and the likelihood of blisters decreases.
  • TRU coating adds a bit of durability to this product and it’ll last longer because of this.
  • The high-rebound insole is ultra-comfortable and you won’t mind wearing these all game long or in practice.
  • Charged cushioning midsole helps out in the speed department and you’ll feel like a step quicker with these on your feet.
  • Hybrid cleats give you the perfect combination of speed, traction, and lightweight design.

This is another cleat that’s going to cost a little extra to purchase. Do I think they’re worth they’re higher cost? I do and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion. You’ll step to the batter’s box with a little extra swag with the Harper One’s on your feet.


Nike Force Zoom Trout 3

Nike Force Zoom Trout 3

Here we have the third edition of the Nike Force Zoom Trout and this is the best one yet. One thing that’s a plus with the Trout 3 is the mid-design. That means it gives you ankle support without adding a bunch of weight or being uncomfortable.

Another thing I like about this cleat is the cleat layout and Pebax speed plate. With this plate you get 9 metal cleats that are strategically placed to give you the most traction and speed possible. You’ll feel a little extra fast if you decide on Trout 3’s.

There are even more top-notch features, which include:

  • Nike skin technology makes this product very breathable and that means you get good airflow. This decreases how much sweat builds up.
  • Flywire lace technology ensures you can lock your foot in place and you’ll feel extra secure because of that.
  • Forefront Zoom air is very comfortable and you’ll really like wearing these cleats.
  • EVA sock liner is another reason why this product is so comfortable

You’d probably think that these cleats would be one of the more expensive since they’re from Nike and the signature shoe of the best player in baseball. That’s not actually the case, though and these cleats are actually pretty affordable.

Under Armour Deception 

Under Armour Deception

Let’s say you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on your cleats this year. Let’s also say that you don’t want to give up much in the performance department either. Where should you turn if this is the case? I think the Under Armour Deceptions would be a good place to turn.

These cleats are one of the cheapest on this list and you can still wear them with confidence. This product doesn’t look cheap, either. They have a sharp design and I’m sure people are going to just assume you paid over $100 for them.

Some of the top benefits of the Deceptions are:

  • Lightweight upper and UA Clutchfit wraps your foot securely and ensures you have a snug fit. This upper improves breathability too which means you get some airflow.
  • Micro G cushioning is very comfortable and responsive at the same time. This means you’ll feel a little quicker while wearing these.
  • Pebax cleat plate ensures you get a good amount of traction and you’ll be able to get a good grip.
  • Carbon steel cleats are very strong and weigh less than other metals.
  • 4D foam footbed absorbs shock and limits slippage in wet conditions.

Besides just being ultra-affordable, the Deceptions also come in 10 different colors. No matter what color your jersey is or your pants you should be able to find a pair of these cleats that match perfectly and look good.


New Balance L3000v3

New Balance L3000v3

In terms of appearance the New Balance L3000v3 is one of my favorite designed cleats on the market. They almost look like regular shoe and if it weren’t for the metal cleats you could probably get away with wearing them in your everyday life.

But appearance isn’t the only thing, right? At the end of the day you need a product that’s going to help you be at your quickest and ensures you get the most traction possible. You’ll be happy to know the L3000v3 performs at a very high level.

Don’t believe me? Check out the top features:

  • FantomFit mesh makes this product extremely lightweight and ensures your foot doesn’t get too sweaty.
  • Form-fitting tongue protects your foot from impacts and gives you a little more comfort.
  • REVlite RC midsole is very comfortable and you’ll really enjoy having these on your feet.
  • 8 metal cleat configuration enhances the traction of these cleats and you’ll really be able to fly around because of that.
  • 17 different colors give you plenty of options.

This is another product that’s not overly expensive and not cheap, either. You may not want to spend a ton but you should never cheap out. If you do you’ll get a low-quality cleat and this can lead to injuries and can hurt your performance on the field.

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