New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe
New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe

Designed after the creative 4040v4 metal cleat, the New Balance PL4040v4 molded baseball sneaker leads the full molded cleat category.

How to buy New Balance PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe

With the REVlite midsole and the mixture of synthetic and mesh, the New Balance PL4040v4 molded baseball cleat provides the top level of breathability, flexibility and full support that makes it the top baseball cleat innings after innings for any young player looking to excel at every game aspect.

This cleat will last you a long while even if you play baseball regularly.

The plate of this cleat provides lightweight flexibility and support for all the baseball antics you love using on the field.

There is also a TPU mesh system that is extremely strong, relax, absolutely breathable and offers all the support need for natural movements.

Additionally, your laces, which will be well secured in the lace cage, will have an extremely clean and streamlined look.

Another best spec is the REVlite midsole that runs complete length to provide you an extremely lightweight and responsive cushioning.

Further, a padded and debris-free tongue will support keep debris out of your cleat.

Also, this well-built cleat promises you the best support, improved grip and an effortless baseball game.

New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe
New Balance Men’s PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe


  • Has a charming design
  • Gives best cushioning
  • Provides the best speed
  • Durable
  • Provides the best support


  • Runs very narrow, some customers could not get their foot in
  • Could use some more arch support
New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe
New Balance Men’s PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe

Proper cleat size

Before purchasing your picked baseball cleat, ensure it is the best size for you.

The heel should have a snug fit while the toe place should not too far from the end of the cleats.

You should pick tights cleats over loose ones as they will provide you sufficient support and best cushioning for your type of foot.

Anyway, they should not cause you discomfort or pain and the studs should not have force points.

Besides they will eventually get more relaxation as they break-in, mainly if they are of stretchable real leather.

Type of cleat

There are various types of cleats.

Your choice should put into consideration that field type you will be playing on and the weather situations.

Studs generally go with cleats to offer further support and traction.

You can use shorter studs when the field surface is solid, while longer studs will be more perfect in fields because they offer excellent traction there.

Anyway, you could get cleats with removable studs so that you can simply swap between the short and long depending on the most perfect one at the time of play.