Diadora soccer cleats – Find best pairs and their reviews!

I decided to present you another brand that produces good soccer cleats, this brand is Diadora. Diadora is a well know brand around the world who focus a lot of sport products. To be true, I think they really focus a lot on soccer and consequently Diadora soccer cleats. You can find also Diadora’s soccer balls, shin guards and other apparel. Today I will talk about Diadora soccer cleats. I will tell you which are good pairs and made quick reviews about them. You can find them right below. I will also highlight my favorite pair, which you can see below!

diadora soccer cleats

Best Diadora soccer cleats review!

Here I have listed some of the best Diadora soccer cleats. These ones are most popular and some of them are even best sellers, which confirm the fact that they are good. These cleats have also great customer testimonials. Diadora produces cleats for all generation and there is one thing I found. Youth Diadora cleats are very popular, so I made two listings for youth and adult Diadora cleats.

Cleats for Youth

  • Avanti

Avanti are one of the most popular youth Diadora cleats which have a good rating. They are made of synthetic and rubber sole material.


  • Capitano

Capitano cleats are another popular youth Diadora cleats. They are mostly made of polyurethane. They have a rubber sole. They have 14 studs to reduce the pressure on young player’s feet. In the heel studs are placed a little bit widely for better stability.


  • Trax Hearts

Diadora Trax Hearts cleats are lightweight soft and water resistant. They are made from same materials as Diadora Avanti. They are synthetic with rubber sole.


Cleats for Adult’s

  • Evoluzione

Evoluzione are one of the most sophisticated Diadora cleats. These cleats are lightweight and water resistant. They are also breathable which will make your feet cool and dry. They are made of leather, more specifically the upper is made from kangaroo leather which will give you an excellent touch and the sole is made of polyurethane. Definitely a high quality product from Diadora.


  • Forza

Forza are one of the most popular adult’s cleats. I think this is because good price for quality. They are really cheap. These ones are made for using them on hard natural surfaces. The upper is made from polyurethane and the sole is made from rubber.


  • Maracana

Maracana model is another model which have great rating. It is made of leather, the upper is made of kangaroo leather. They are also water resistant and soft for better comfort. They also have anti stretch lining for maintain the shape of cleats. They have a Touch control application for better touch with the ball. Definitely a great pair of cleats.


Which are my favorite?

From the list above I was deciding between Evoluzione and Maracana model. In the end I have chosen the Evoluzione model because I think they are more advanced and have more things that makes it easier and more comfortable to play. They are for sure one of high quality soccer cleats. Diadora has good cleats for kids, cleats for girls, cleats for boys and men cleats, but they are most selling soccer cleats for kids. I have also saw that there are a lot of leather cleats, so Diadora cleats may be great cleats for wide feet.

What to do now?

Now above you have found some of the most popular Diadora soccer cleats, so now it is your time to take a look and order a pair or two of your favorite pair. If you want to save money, you can also check for cleats under 100$.