Under Armour Men's Hammer MC Football Cleats
Under Armour Men's Hammer MC Football Cleats

If you are a football player then you need the top football cleats designed mainly for the sport.

This type of cleat favors to very specialized footwear largely designed for football.

It is a wise investment mainly for players who want to ensure that they are secure and safe from injuries.

Bear in mind that unlike the cleats designed for soccer, the ones that you can use for football change depending on your position.

You can find different shoes or cleats that have special or different support specs that aim to save specific positions.

About the product Under Armour Men’s Hammer MC Football Cleats

Engineered synthetic upper with active prints. Centralized lace-up closure for an adjustable, snug fit.

Pull-on tab at tongue and rear for easier off and on wear. This collar and tongue. Fabric lining within the shoe. Die-cut EVA footbed provides a cushion for all-day play.

Molded rubber outsole with studs provides multi-direction traction on different surfaces.

Under Armour Men's Hammer MC Football Cleats
Under Armour Men’s Hammer MC Football Cleats



Coated textile upper gathers lightweight mesh with a supportive coating for superior comfort and breathability/internal booting hugs the athlete foots to offer support for any change of direction.


UA, molded 4D foam, proprietary footbed forms to your foot offers optimal relaxation and decreases cleat force.


The molded TPU plate is made to be lightweight and offers greater traction on unreal surfaces/ secondary cleats engage to offer the player added bite for razor quick cuts and explosive acceleration.

You will find these cleats to have a remarkable grip and the capability to keep your ankles into place and save them from injuries that are more prone to occur in a sport as tough as football.

Unexpected cuts and turns are no longer a reason to hesitate when out there on the field.


  • The mixture of lightweight and grip feeling is, in itself, a very best perk to have when it comes to a pair of football cleats and makes this item an extremely desirable one.
  • The versatility of these shoes makes it pretty perfect for playing different power positions that need stability and the capability to explode out of the box and ram through the line to get to the other side.
  • Matching the versatility and price to the performance it is capable of providing, this is the best and affordable pair of football cleats that can find its place in many lockers around the planet.


  • The increased defense for the ankles had to cut corners someplace and, in the case of this item. It was the breathability section. This truly is not a pair of cleats that permit too much room for air to flow.
  • The fact that these cleats are so narrow means picking the wrong size makes or breaks the pair you just bought.

Final verdict

You would love to have the best pair of cleats that you can wear when you play American football and this is just of the cleats you should consider mainly because this is made out of standard materials and it is meant to last for a long time.