DREAM PAIRS Men's Fashion Cleats Football Soccer Shoes
DREAM PAIRS Men's Fashion Cleats Football Soccer Shoes

These soccer shoes will provide you the control and grip you need to stay on top of the game on damp or soft fields. They have a lightweight upper with a padded and cushioned collar made for extra support.

The soccer cleats additionally have a fold-over tongue that will keep the laces safe and flat for a clean amazing surface. Their soft, powerful and relaxed nature makes them the most famous soccer shoe accessible in the 2020 market.

Well, you would not get premium specs from this one. But what you will be getting is a budget boot that provides you perfect performance and some helpful specs.

As you can view from the images that this one is a low-cut cleat, that means it would not be capable to provide you ankle the needed protection. So, the cleats are ill-matched to defensive players like free safety and lineman.

Anyway, it is best for skill position players as it is known as one of the top lightweight football cleats and thus support you run quick.

If you guess it to hold up for years, then I am afraid it will fail your guesses. Not that these boots are flimsy or crap, but they are not made to last many years. It is susceptible to damage and may get ripped from a solid tackle. I do not want to discourage you, but just keep your guesses in check.

For a budget-cleat, this thing provides you a lot of traction. You can run freely on the ground with the knowledge that your boots will have your back. I must mention how well this thing fit. As the base part is molded, the full unit feels like one, as if you are wearing socks.

One can never predict its price from how this thing looks, which is definitely remarkable. Despite being inexpensive, it looks as best as any high-end cleats. The rubber is waterproof, and the stuff that has been used in the shoes is best.

The cushioning of the toe and heel is pretty best. Though it is not amazingly relaxing, it is not uncomfortable either. At least you would not feel any anxiety while running forth and back. Additional, the boots are pretty breathable and keep your feet from sweating too much.


  • Perfect for speedy players
  • Amazing look
  • Comes at a low price
  • Stop your feet from getting warm


  • Does not provide much support to the ankles

Always keep them dry

No issue if you just played in the rain or washed the boots, you need to dry the boots.

For if you keep them wet, the moisture will weaken the stuff resulting in a little life period for the boots.

But it is also vital to dry the shoes in the right way.

That is because if you use to much heat them, it might suck all the moisture from the shoes leaving them susceptible to break.

For this factor, you need to dry the shoes with natural heat rather than a fake source of heat such as a radiator.

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