If you’re planning to hiking, backpacking, or fishing in icy and snowy conditions, then you’d get yourself a pair of EIVOTOR Ice Cleats.

Also, you can utilize them to clear the driveways when it is filled with ice and snow.

Features EIVOTOR Ice Cleats

Featuring 24, solid, stainless steel spikes, these cleats are made to provide fine traction on slippery surfaces or tricky terrain.

They’ll help your feet firm on the surface while preventing wounds that outcome from sliding and slipping. They’re made of durable stretchy material, which performs remarkably well in cold conditions. Regardless of frequent, you utilize them, you’ll not experience any sort of premature tearing, due to their solid material.

These EIVOTOR Ice Cleats for winter boots come with adjustable straps making them simply to slop on and off. Also, they’re unisex. They can be utilized by both women and men, including teenagers and elders, adults and youth.

Also, these EIVOTOR Ice Cleats are highly versatile. You can use them on muddy terrain, icy roads, snow driveways, dangerous parts of the trail, and wet grass.

And regardless of where you can utilize them; they’ll always make sure you have adequate traction.

Ideal for a wide range of mountaineering sports sneakers or hiking boots, these EIVOTOR Ice Cleats are equipped with Velcro straps, which supply further safety and comfort.

Moreover, they’re lightweight and very portable. You can fold them and insert cleats in your hiking bag, and they’ll not consume a lot of room.

Besides that, they’ll not interfere with your movement in any way.

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What we like

  • Solid construction
  • versatile and flexible ice cleats
  • fit to almost every sneakers, boots, or sports shoe
  • Adequate traction
  • the best value for the money
  • best for icy and snowy, muddy tracks

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What we don’t like

  • Slight heavy feeling

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