New Balance Men's BURN Low Speed Lacrosse Shoe
New Balance Men's BURN Low Speed Lacrosse Shoe

These cleats are strong, durable, and comfort and provide extreme stability and grip, permitting you to lift your game to fresh levels.

Material and construction New Balance Men’s BURN

Constructed from textiles and artificial material, this Lacrosse cleat provides a low-weight and low-top design that will provide you the capability to move with quickness and speed around the field.

The strong stuff supports your foot and provides a big range of action, best for all positions on the field and one of the top Lacrosse soccers for midfielders as they are designed to permit fast and perfect cuts, turns, and explosive push-offs.

The insole of soccer is easy to get rid of. This very helpful if you have any foot problems that demand orthotics to be used.

It also makes it simple to change the inner sole without having to change the full shoe once it has reached the end of its lifespan.

New Balance Men's BURN Low Speed Lacrosse Shoe
New Balance Men’s BURN Low Speed Lacrosse Shoe


  • Lacrosse data-driven insert offers better underfoot support matched with best cushioning
  • FanTom fit construction utilizes ultra-lightweight stuff to reinforce and make strong foot support without the included weight
  • FastWrap tongue design locks the foot in location yielding unmatched stability while making a custom-like fit
  • Mesh collar engineered to offer the best support without the box relaxation.


The TPR outsole and synthetic sole provide wonderful comfort and support.

The TPU molded lacrosse cleats are made to grip the turf securely which is important in the quick-paced sport that demands the capability to cut with self-esteem.

These lacrosse cleats are lightweight without sacrificing on the stability needed in a Lacrosse cleat.


If you are starting out in the game then look at the affordable Lacrosse cleats before spending too much and then planning that you do not like the game at all.

Also as you are fresh to the game you will not be sure that it is you need in lacrosse cleat, so it is top to first use affordable shoes before spending a lot on the best lacrosse cleats.

Conclusion New Balance Men’s BURN Low Speed Lacrosse Shoe

One of the top new balance lacrosse cleats for the player that wants to take their game up a notch.

Providing the stability and traction required in the TPU cleats.

A removable insole permits for wonderful support and comfort.

The low-cut shoe is designed to provide a complete range of motion in your foot and permits for exceptional flexibility.

Durable and lightweight these are some of the top low-cut Lacrosse cleats around.

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