New Balance Men's Burn X 1
New Balance Men's Burn X 1 Review

With the entry of NB in Lacrosse, many people want to know how fine these, New Balance Men’s Burn X 1 cleats actually are.

NB has built a reputation for producing the most durable and comfortable cleats on the market now in the range of different sports, but they’ve continued this style in Lacrosse.

After spending hours reviewing and analyzing these, I am excited to provide all the depth insight into the cleats.

Design New Balance Men’s Burn X 1

At first, sight when you seem, the coating looks nuts! Obviously, the coating on the soleplate does not last long as it does chip off when they get dirty.

But, what is really cool in my opinion is when you seem at the cleat from the side, the coating almost makes it burnt. Not a big deal but a quite cool feel from NB.

The New Balance Men’s Burn X 1 comes in all sports colors, the one I really like is the all-white edition which looks quite hard and stylish comes by well because they tend to be such a cool appearance.

New Balance Men's Burn X 1


When it comes to shoes, any sports enthusiasts will know NB is huge in the shoe field and famous for making the best quality shoes.

The New Balance Men’s Burn X 1 is no different. As soon as you wear these on, the first thing you notice is just how comfortable and soft they feel on your feet.

Also, they’re not stiff like some of the cheaper options which can be horrible to run it! The materials actually utilized in the cleats are your double density TPU that provides it that awesome comfort and feel.


One of the interesting things about the tongue on these is that they’re detected on one side. So, if you’ve seen the Freeze shoes then you’ll have notices they had a more conventional floating tongue.

With this detached build on the New Balance Men’s Burn X 1, it stops the tongue migration on the cleats which helps with turf beads in your cleats.


  • Smooth and stable fit
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Full TPU skin upper


  • Colors options are limited

Final words

New Balance Men’s Burn X 1 are designed for speed, NB has done an amazing job with these.

They include a foam insert with these which is their top of the way cushioning material and truly helps with playing on those hard fields.