what cleats do nfl qb wear
what cleats do nfl qb wear

In the realm of professional football, the world of cleats is diverse and ever-evolving. From wide receivers to linemen, each position demands its own unique style and function when it comes to footwear. However, one particular position that often finds itself in the spotlight is the quarterback. With their precision passes and nimble footwork, the cleats donned by NFL quarterbacks play a significant role in their performance on the gridiron. So, what type of cleats do these elite athletes choose to adorn their feet? Let us take a closer look at the fascinating world of NFL quarterbacks and the cleats that grace their highly skilled feet.

Cleat Specifications for NFL Quarterbacks

Importance of Cleats

When it comes to being successful on the football field, having the right gear is crucial. And for NFL quarterbacks, choosing the right cleats is of utmost importance. Cleats offer traction and stability, which are essential for quarterbacks as they make quick movements, pivot, and deliver accurate passes. The right pair of cleats can significantly enhance a quarterback’s performance and minimize the risk of slips and falls.

Cleat Design and Features

Cleat design and features play a significant role in a quarterback’s performance. Quarterbacks require cleats that offer excellent traction, allowing them to maintain balance and control during their throws. Lightweight cleats are also preferred by quarterbacks as they enable quick movements and help maintain agility throughout the game. Additionally, cushioning and support are vital for keeping quarterbacks comfortable and protected from potential injuries.

Major Cleat Brands

Several major sports brands produce high-quality cleats specifically designed for NFL quarterbacks. These brands include Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and New Balance. Each brand offers a range of cleats that cater to different player preferences and playing conditions. From specialized quarterback cleats to versatile models suitable for various positions, these brands have become go-to choices for many NFL quarterbacks.

Factors Influencing QB Cleat Choice

Playing Surface

The playing surface is a significant factor that influences the type of cleats NFL quarterbacks choose. Different surfaces require different types of traction. For natural grass fields, cleats with molded studs are commonly used, providing excellent grip and stability. On the other hand, artificial turf fields call for specialized turf shoes that offer optimal traction while being gentle on the surface. Quarterbacks must choose their cleats according to the playing surface to ensure maximum performance.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions also play a role in determining the appropriate cleats for NFL quarterbacks. In wet conditions, such as rain or snow, cleats with excellent grip and traction are necessary to prevent slips and maintain stability. Some cleats come with weather-resistant features like waterproof materials or enhanced grip technology specifically designed to tackle adverse weather conditions. Quarterbacks must consider the weather forecast and choose their cleats accordingly to gain an edge on the field.

Personal Preference

Personal preference is another influential factor when it comes to selecting cleats for NFL quarterbacks. Each quarterback has their own preferences based on factors such as comfort, fit, and style. Some may prefer cleats with extra ankle support, while others might prioritize lightweight options for speed and agility. Ultimately, the quarterback’s personal choice plays a significant role in their overall comfort and confidence on the field.

Cleat Types for NFL Quarterbacks

Molded Cleats

Molded cleats are one of the most common types of cleats worn by NFL quarterbacks. These cleats feature studs that are permanently attached to the outsole. They provide excellent traction and stability on natural grass surfaces, allowing quarterbacks to make quick cuts and movements with confidence. Molded cleats are durable and versatile, making them suitable for various positions on the football field.

Detachable Cleats

Detachable cleats, also known as screw-in or replaceable cleats, offer the advantage of customization. These cleats feature studs that can be removed and replaced with different lengths and styles to adapt to different playing surfaces. Detachable cleats are particularly useful for quarterbacks who frequently switch between natural grass and artificial turf fields. They allow for adjustments based on traction needs, providing the flexibility desired by quarterbacks.

Turf Shoes

Turf shoes, as the name suggests, are designed specifically for artificial turf surfaces. These cleats have a unique outsole pattern that offers optimal traction on turf while preventing damage to the surface. Turf shoes feature small rubber studs or patterns that provide grip without digging into the turf. NFL quarterbacks often opt for turf shoes when playing on artificial surfaces to ensure maximum performance and minimize the risk of injury.

Specialized Quarterback Cleats

Some cleats are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of quarterbacks. These specialized quarterback cleats often incorporate features such as enhanced traction in the forefoot area for quick pivots and cuts, lightweight construction for agility, and additional ankle support for stability. These cleats are crafted with the specific demands of quarterbacks in mind, allowing them to excel in their roles as leaders on the field.

Molded Cleats

Features and Benefits

Molded cleats offer several features and benefits that make them a popular choice among NFL quarterbacks. The permanent studs on molded cleats provide reliable traction, allowing quarterbacks to make sharp cuts and change directions quickly. The outsole design enhances stability and balance, ensuring quarterbacks feel confident in their movements. Additionally, molded cleats often incorporate cushioning and support features, providing superior comfort and minimizing the risk of foot injuries.

Popular Molded Cleat Models

Several popular molded cleat models are favored by NFL quarterbacks. One such model is the Nike Vapor Untouchable. Known for its sleek design, lightweight construction, and exceptional traction, the Vapor Untouchable has become a go-to choice for many quarterbacks. Another popular option is the Under Armour Highlight MC, which offers excellent ankle support and stability without compromising agility. These models, among others, have gained recognition among quarterbacks for their performance-enhancing features.

Detachable Cleats

Features and Benefits

Detachable cleats provide NFL quarterbacks with the advantage of versatility and customizability. The ability to switch out studs allows quarterbacks to adapt to different playing surfaces and weather conditions. This versatility enables quarterbacks to optimize their traction and performance. Detachable cleats also make it easier to replace worn or damaged studs, extending the lifespan of the cleats. Additionally, the ability to adjust stud lengths offers a personalized fit, enhancing overall comfort and confidence on the field.

Popular Detachable Cleat Models

Several popular detachable cleat models are highly regarded by NFL quarterbacks. The Adidas Freak Ultra is a favored choice due to its lightweight design, exceptional traction, and customizable stud options. The Nike Alpha Menace Elite, with its responsive cushioning and durable construction, is another popular model among quarterbacks. These detachable cleats offer the flexibility needed to excel in different playing conditions and have gained popularity among the football community.

Turf Shoes

Features and Benefits

Turf shoes are uniquely designed to provide optimal traction and performance on artificial turf surfaces. The outsole patterns of turf shoes are specifically engineered to grip the turf without causing damage. The rubber studs or patterns offer reliable traction, allowing quarterbacks to execute precise movements with confidence. Turf shoes are also often lightweight, enhancing agility and speed, and they typically offer excellent comfort and cushioning to prevent foot fatigue during games.

Popular Turf Shoe Models

Several popular turf shoe models are preferred by NFL quarterbacks. The Nike Alpha Menace Turf is highly regarded for its exceptional grip, lightweight construction, and enhanced cushioning. The Under Armour Hammer Mid Rm is another popular choice, known for its durable and supportive design, along with reliable traction on turf. These turf shoes have become go-to options for quarterbacks when playing on artificial fields, providing the traction and performance necessary for success.

Specialized Quarterback Cleats

Features and Benefits

Specialized quarterback cleats are designed to cater to the unique needs and demands of quarterbacks on the field. These cleats often feature enhanced traction in the forefoot area, allowing quick pivots and cuts that are essential for throwing accurate passes. They are lightweight, enabling quarterbacks to maintain agility and speed throughout the game. Additionally, specialized quarterback cleats may include additional ankle support for stability, reducing the risk of injuries while providing confidence in every movement.

Popular Quarterback Cleat Models

Several popular quarterback cleat models are specifically crafted to enhance quarterback performance. The Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 is a highly regarded cleat known for its responsive cushioning, precise traction, and exceptional support. The Under Armour C1N MC, designed in collaboration with NFL quarterback Cam Newton, offers a unique combination of style and performance, with an emphasis on comfort and support. These specialized cleat models have gained popularity among quarterbacks for their ability to optimize performance on the field.

Maintaining and Replacing Cleats

Cleaning and Care

Proper cleaning and care are essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of NFL quarterback cleats. After each game or practice session, it is crucial to remove any dirt or debris from the cleats. Using a soft brush or cloth, gently scrub the outsole and remove any caked-on mud or grass. It is also recommended to wipe the upper part of the cleats to maintain their appearance. Additionally, storing cleats in a cool and dry place will help prevent any damage.

Replacing Cleat Studs

For quarterbacks with detachable cleats, replacing cleat studs is an important aspect of maintenance. Over time, studs may wear down, become damaged, or lose their traction. It is crucial to regularly inspect cleat studs and replace any that show signs of wear. Replacement studs can be purchased from sports stores or online retailers. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing new studs to ensure proper fit and performance.


Selecting the right cleats is a vital decision for NFL quarterbacks. By considering factors such as playing surface, weather conditions, and personal preference, quarterbacks can choose cleats that provide optimal traction, stability, and comfort. Whether opting for molded cleats, detachable cleats, turf shoes, or specialized quarterback cleats, there are numerous options available from major brands. Proper maintenance, including regular cleaning and replacing cleat studs, will help quarterbacks maximize the lifespan and performance of their cleats. With the right cleats on their feet, NFL quarterbacks can confidently lead their teams, make accurate passes, and excel on the football field.

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