Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats - durable and strong materials
Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats - durable and strong materials

Available in 4 different sizes, the no-slip gripper spikes put out by the brand QUIK Solve have received an enormous welcome since the introduction into the market, and it is not hard to see why!

Features Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats

These removable Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats have received significant positive feedback.

In contrast, they’re undoubtedly capable of backing up the claim that their ten-point stainless cleats are active without issue even in questionable fields.

Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats - durable and strong materials
Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats – durable and robust materials

Construction and material

After wearing it, reduce the risk of the wound by grips whether you are shoveling the driveway, walking to get the main, carrying an armful of groceries, catching a tea or coffee on your break, or even driving the ice rink.

The simple thick toe of the cleat in the front loop and clutch the strap on the back section, and stretch it over your cleat’s heel.

This high stretch rubber is thermoplastic elastomer is very merely to stretch, yet returns to its original form and size.

Key Features

These spikes are made to work with all boots and shoes, though for very big or bulky boots, it’s recommended that you go one size higher or ensure the fit is perfect.

These addable shoes are made to tear right through snow and ice, making it a lot simpler to get about no matter what the needs from the fun icy fishing, hiking or winter hiking a practically a big challenge area of thru-hiking to mundane like shoveling running, sidewalks errands, or just avoiding the slip and trip on the icy and snowy sidewalk, these ice traction cleats will help see you’re through.

Thoroughly reviewed and approved for men up to 3 hundred pounds, these lightweight grips are a godsend during the colder and rougher seasons.

They’re straightforward to slip on, and once on the feet, they’re secure.

Add in a massive lifetime warranty that’s also full money back, and you can see why these well-known crampons have rocketed up my mind.


  • It’s made of durable and robust materials.
  • It gives a great hold of the surface and solidity for simple movements.
  • To install
  • Will fit ideally multiple shoe size.


  • The steel material is not as solid.

Final words Quik Solve Ice Snow Traction Cleats

All-in-all, it’s a decent option for ice tracks at a budget-friendly price.

It provides all the essential features every person needs in ice and snow ways.

Anti-Skid Ice/Snow Traction Attachable Cleats

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