Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats - Strong and sturdy
Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats - Strong and sturdy

If you are looking for the finest Ice shoes that are the best value, the Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats are cleated for you.

They’ve simply slip-on design to wear ideal for daily use, and the flexibility makes them portable and comfortable to slip into your bag when you do not need them.

Features Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats

These Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats are secure and stable, even on when wet snow or ice, but the studs do not make it all the way to the back heel.

Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats - Strong and sturdy
Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats – Strong and sturdy


These ice traction cleats are designed for those looking for something great and super professional but rather for something that you can utilize to walk on snow and ice with.

These are great for ice, snow, and slippery surfaces, but they do not give you professional level durability and traction.


As I described before, these Limm Crampons Cleats are ideal for icy terrain and slippery areas but stick to walking in these.


Metal studs found in the bottom end of this particular ice traction cleat would allow the user with fine stability and traction.

This improves user experience when in slippery areas, which is vital when hiking in the icy field.

Ease of use Ice Traction Cleats

It’s made of rubber material, making it simple to fold them for easy and trouble-free storage.

This makes the items extremely simple to move around with, depending on the occasion you intend to utilize them.

Just one more reason, these snow and ice cleats made it onto my mind.


This look is extremely affordable, and there is nothing to complain about its designs.

And when it comes to their traction, these cleats provide a good grip to the surface for a smooth and effortless movement on slippery grounds.

If they were utilized in the right manner, these items would serve you for a longer lifespan.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s simple to install
  • Strong and sturdy
  • It’s made with an elastic material that makes it simple to fit the cleat and fold during storage.


  • Its construction is decent but not as solid as one would expect
  • The studs wear off after some uses.

Final words Limm Crampons Ice Traction Cleats

Overall, it is a decent option for ice traction fields; instead, I found some coins in these cleats.

Overall all it is a worthy choice.

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