Tips your cleats will last longer!

Every soccer player has it lovely cleats and I think all of them want them to use them for a longer time, so they don’t need to spend money over and over again in a short period of time. Furthermore that, once your cleats get fit for your feet it is easier for you to play. You have better ball control and you can be more effective on the pitch. All the reasons which I have mentioned above are why I have written this article. From my own experience I know we all want to have our preferred cleats for a longer time and I will show you some tips that you might now and they might look silly, but they help, I do like that and it has extended life of my cleats.

tips your cleats will last longer

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Tip 1

Did you get new cleats? Wow that is a great feeling I know that, but as soon as you get them you have to start taking care of them. Usually, or mostly in my case they started opening and falling apart in front where you kick the ball. It is true that I played a lot on artificial grass, but I recommend you that you put bandaged tape in front. To be more specific on the line between lower and upped cleat.

Tip 2

Do you practice a lot and you cleats get dirty? Mine get too. What I do, I clean them. Try to clean your cleats after every training and match, so they are always like new. Cleaning helps a lot.

cleaning cleats

Tip 3

Buy a cream and take an extra care of them. First you should know of which materials are your cleats and after that you should find a cream for a particular material that your cleats have. Be aware, not to put the cream on dirty cleats. Clean them first, wait them to dry and then lubricate them.

What do you think?

What do you think about the tips about getting your cleats last longer? I really think these tips will help you if you follow them and your cleats will always be best soccer cleats ever made. I follow them and I see very good results. If this article was helpful, please share it on social profiles.