How to take care for leather soccer cleats?

To play soccer, indoor or outdoor we need cleats. We have to care for them if we want to use them for a longer time. There are many cleats out there made from different material plastic, synthetic, leather and other materials. I have already wrote about what to do your cleats will last longer, but today I want to tell you some other tips just for leather soccer cleats.

take care for you leather cleats

They should be clean!

Do you practice soccer every day? Well that is great, but after every training try to clean you cleats. You should use this tip for all types of cleats including leather soccer cleats. I know it may be annoying to clean your cleats after every training, but do it. It isn’t so hard and it will only take you a couple of minutes.

clean your cleats

Clean your cleats!

In the past I haven’t cleaned my cleats, because I can truly say, I was lazy. After time things changed. I grow up and I figured out that I have to more worry about my cleats, so I can use them for a longer time. I started to clean them after every training. It’s very rarely that I don’t clean them now really!

Get them dry!

Yes, the cleats should be dry after you are using it again. You may be playing in a rainy weather on your feet sweat more, so try to make them dry before using them again. What I do when I have wet cleats? I firstly tear the newspaper to pieces than I squash it and put it in my cleats, so the newspaper absorbs the water. After that I put them on a warmer place, so they get completely dry.

You can also check at Shoe dryer, so he will take care for your shoes and get them dry. I personally don’t have it, but I’m looking to buy it soon.

Leather cream

A great way to take care for your leather cleats is the leather cream, simply apply it on your cleats. Hey, I also found a video which is about how to apply leather cream on your leather cleats, which you can watch bellow. I recommend you start watching it at 3:02 (I already set that on YouTube) till 6:40.

Let me repeat three main things for leather cleats!

  • Clean them after every training or match
  • Get them dry
  • Apply them with leather cream

Are you buying new leather pair?

If you are buying new pair of leather soccer cleats, you should take a look and it may help you the post kangaroo leather soccer cleats, how to choose best soccer cleats and absolutely what to do when you bought new cleats.