Old soccer cleats are still awesome!

Nowadays there are plenty of soccer cleats you can choose from. Today’s world, brands and ads convince us to buy new & upcoming soccer cleats. In their opinion old soccer cleats are something that we should throw away and not use anymore. Well I think different about old soccer cleats. Today I want to talk about some good old soccer cleats, why they are good and what I think about new soccer cleats.

old soccer cleats

5 good old soccer cleats

Here I listed some really good old soccer cleats. They have be used in the past and they will be used in the future.

Old or new, what to choose?

What are better new or old soccer cleats? Well I think the new & upcoming soccer cleats have a different design and are made of some new materials. Nowadays some of soccer cleats are designed & named and made just for individual famous soccer players. This are players like Messi and Ronaldo. The new cleats are also more costly, so you will have to dig deep in to your pocket if you want to get the best new upcoming cleats.

new or old cleats

There is different with old soccer cleats. I think some of old soccer cleats may not have the latest design, but they are still great and most important comfortable and quality. You can get old soccer cleats for an affordable price. By getting them you will have some high quality cleats which you could use for a longer time.

Looking for cheap old soccer cleats? Well here is another good thing. I have written before that brands, ads, television etc. convince as to buy new soccer cleats and because of that there are a lot of times old soccer cleats on sale. That is very good because you can get a top soccer cleat for a low price.

What is the top old soccer cleats pair?

Well there is for sure one cleat that has been sold and reviewed so many times, so I have to mention this pair of cleats in this article. These are the Adidas Copa Mundial cleats. These soccer cleats have been reviewed so many times by different people and a lot of them say they are good. I looked also on Amazon the biggest online store and I have found a great rating, which you can also check below.

Old vs new soccer cleats – The biggest difference?

What is the biggest difference between old soccer cleats and the new ones? Well I think the biggest difference are the materials which these cleats are made of. Old soccer cleats are mostly made of leather (you can also check for kangaroo leather soccer cleats). On the other hand new pairs are made of synthetic, rubber, plastic, carbon and a few also of leather.

leather cleats

They are made of leather!

They are made of leather, so I kindly recommend this cleats to people with wide feet. Leather cleats stretch well, so they after time they adjust to your feet.

Another interesting thing that I have also discovered at old soccer cleats is that there are quite a few white soccer cleats and black soccer cleats. That is very interesting, so I was wondering why they didn’t more create other colors of cleats, like yellow cleats, pink cleats, purple, cleats, green cleats, etc.

I hope this article was helpful to you and you have found some useful and interesting things. If you are thinking to get you old soccer cleats and because of them are made of leather, I suggest you take a look at how to care for leather soccer cleats. Please share this article on your social profiles.