Indoor soccer cleats–Which are good & How to choose them?

We can play soccer outside and inside. To play it inside we need a little bit different footwear. We need indoor soccer cleats. Indoor soccer is not popular as outside soccer and because of this I think it is a little bit set in the background and people are not talking so much about it.

It also has less types of indoor soccer cleats than outside soccer to choose, but still there are quite a few you can choose from and sometimes is hard to know which ones are good to pick. Below I have given you some tips you should use when you are buying new indoor soccer cleats.

Best indoor soccer shoes – some of them!

Hey, I also listed here some of best indoor soccer shoes by my taste. Take a look and tell me what you think!

Adidas Performance F10 Messi
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Nike Gato II
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Adidas Performance Absolado Instinct
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Adidas Performance Samba
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Adidas Performance F5
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What type of cleats to choose?

I think first it will be good that you decided which type of indoor soccer cleats you want. There are 3 types of indoor cleats. One of them are with soft soles, others with soft-hard soles and the last ones are with hard soles. I personally like ones with soft-hard soles. I don’t want they are soft, so I feel like I’m playing without cleats or too hard, so I feel like I’m wearing and playing on stones.

indoor soccer cleats

Do you have your best indoor soccer cleats?

Another thing I have to mention here is that you should also include the type of the terrain where you most play.

From what indoor soccer cleats are made of?

Second thing I think you should take a look at are the material your indoor cleats are made of. Personally I have bad experience with plastic soccer cleats. Those cleats which are mainly from plastic. Most time they are also cheaper. With those cleats it is hard to have the right ball control and they can be also quick consumed and thrown away.

no plastic indoor shoes

Don’t pick plastic indoor shoes

I think cleats from leather or other goods are much better than those plastic. Another thing I want to point out here are the cleats that are made with front seams. If you buy those type of indoor soccer cleats, it is more likely they will last less because the front seams can torn quick and because of this I most time buy indoor soccer cleats that don’t have those seams in front.

How to choose from so many models?

Well I have given you some tips above which you can include when you are buying new indoor soccer cleats. With taking those tips into account you will sure come to a fewer list of your desired cleats.

reviews about indoor cleats

Take a look at reviews & ratings!

Furthermore, you can also ask your friends or the vendor if you are buying at a local shop. If you are buying online, a great way is to take a look at comments, ratings and reviews at the shop where you are buying. One of the leading shop online that have this is Amazon where people left their opinions.

 Choosing indoor soccer cleats by price?

Are you that kind of person that you are choosing indoor soccer cleats up to a certain price? Well people have different amount of money to spent, some more, some less, but I advise you, to still not buy the cheapest model.

indoor cleats by different price

Don’t choose the cheapest pair!

What to do when you buy new shoes?

When you buy new indoor soccer cleats, I recommend you don’t put them on right away and play with them, because your feet might hurt and you also get blisters. A good way to start with your new indoor soccer cleats is buy wearing them when you are at home, so the shoe gets formed for your feet. Another way is to put newspaper in your new indoor shoes.

I really hope you have found some new tips that are useful and you will share this article on your social profiles & circles.