How cleat studs can help you and what you should know about them!

Soccer cleats are one of the main equipment for playing soccer. We have different kinds and types of soccer cleats and there is no difference with cleat studs. There studs of different shape and material on different models of soccer cleats. Today I want to show you which are the 3 main studs on cleats and how they can help you.


good soccer cleat studs3 types of cleat studs

First of all, let me tell you that there are studs of different shapes and material on different cleats, but here I will split them to three main types.

Type #1

First cleat studs I want to mention are the studs made from plastic.

Type #2

Second type of studs are combined studs. By combined, there are half of studs which are made from plastic and other studs are made from iron.

Type #3

Lastly here are cleat studs which are all of iron.

Where is good to use different type?

There 3 types of studs are made especially to provide better responsiveness and moving on soccer pitch.

Studs Type #1 are good and we can use them on both turf and natural grass. On turf pitch we can use them in dry or rainy weather, it doesn’t matter, but on natural grass we can use them when only where the field is dry. If we use them when pitch is wet, there are lot of possibilities that it will slip.

Studs Type #2 are used more on natural grass, when the pitch isn’t dry and isn’t so wet, but you can for sure also use it when is fully wet.

Studs Type #3 are especially made for natural grass when the pitch is wet. By having this studs there are very little possibilities that we will slip when playing soccer.

Why are they good?

Above I have where we can use them, so consequently we come also to the answer why they are good. They help us to play the game normally without any problems.

What is your next step?

You now know all about studs and which are good, so I hope you now know which cleats to choose for your pitch. This is for sure one factor that you can add to article where I talked about best soccer cleats and how to choose them. However, when choosing cleats quality and comfort are very important. Some of these are for sure leather soccer cleats. If you are looking for youth kids I recommend looking at best youth soccer cleats where you will find some quality models. Hope this article was useful and you found something new.