Find which are best soccer cleats for defenders

Did you ever asked you why playing soccer is not so easy and why just a few of them are best soccer players in the world? Well I asked myself that and I came to an end that you have to training hard every day, live a life of a sportsman and have good equipment. Here we must of course include soccer cleats and because of this I want today to talk about best soccer cleats for defenders!

best soccer cleats for defenders

Sliding tackle from a defender.

Defenders have a big role at soccer, because their position is critical. If they make a mistake there can quickly be a goal and the team can lose. This is why we have to find best soccer cleats for defenders.

Below I have chosen 5 best soccer cleats for defenders, take a look and choose you pair!

This 5 best soccer cleats for defenders can make difference

Nike Hypervenom Phatal
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Adidas Copa Mundial
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Puma King SL
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Nike Tiempo Legacy
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Adidas Predator Instinct
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How I picked?

Choosing best soccer cleats for defenders or any other position is not easy. You may say this is right or not, but I think that every position has also their own style & design of cleats. I think defenders have to look more robust and dangerous. Comparing to forwards, which have to look and be fast, elegant, agile. The same is with cleats. My choosing was based on my personal experience, in that is included when I asked  my teammates that play in defense positon. Beside this I think we have to take a look at other reviews and comments. This I have found online.

To make this article even more professional I looked on forums. Forum that helped me most was the BigSoccer forum.

Which I recommend most

From the list above of best soccer cleats for defenders I most like and recommend the Adidas Predator Instinct ones. I love the design, style and simply admire Adidas soccer cleats.

Was this article helpful? I really hope I have chosen the best soccer cleats for defenders to your taste. Cleats that I have chosen above are for sure high quality, because they have some good reviews by people who have already bought it. Go and choose one that you like most. You may also be interested in wide soccer cleats or kangaroo leather cleats if you have problems with wide feet. You may also take a look at cool soccer cleats or cleats under 100$. Please share this article on social profiles.