Best Soccer Cleats for Goalkeepers – Check Why!

In soccer we have different positions and all of them are important. To play a match we need all 11 players which have to show and do their best if they want to win. Some people may be talking that some positions are more important than others, but that is not true. The goalkeeper is as important as the striker. One thing is sure. All players should have quality equipment, so they can play normally. Here we cannot forget on soccer cleats. Today I will talk about goalkeeper’s soccer cleats, to be more specific, I will tell you which are the best soccer cleats for goalkeepers. You will also find why goalkeeper is important as others and some useful tips how to choose soccer cleats.

best soccer cleats for goalkeepers

5 Best soccer cleats for goalkeepers right here!

Here I have listed 5 best soccer cleats by goalkeepers. I have chosen them on the basis of my and other people reviews and comments. I also looked at soccer forums around and find some useful tips which I used for this post and this list.

Adidas Gloro
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Adidas F50 Adizero Knight Pack
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ASICS Light X-Fly
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Nike Mercurial Vapor X CR
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Nike Mercurial Victory IV4.4





Why is goalkeeper such an important part?

I have to say one more time that goalkeeper is a very important part in team and that I don’t agree with people who say that it isn’t. Goalkeeper is the last man in the defense and he has to take care and try to save all the shots in the goal, so the net remains clear. If the defense falls asleep, there is still the goalkeeper which can save us from receiving a goal.

Goalkeeper is not just the man who is saving goals, he has also to lead his team to stay tactically good and that players are on the right positions. In the past maybe goalkeepers didn’t play and pass a lot the ball, but nowadays they have to pass a lot with the defensive line and help players to move forward, so the team can easily score the goal. I think I have gave quite a few reasons and show you why goalkeeper is important, so there is no question why we need to find best soccer cleats for goalkeepers!

Few Tips to choose cleats!

I know choosing soccer cleats is not easy, but if you use some tips it is much easier to choose the best pairs. What is the best thing to do? The best thing to do is to collect as many information of customers who already own cleats we like. It is hard to ask all people, but thankfully we can take a look at reviews and ratings on different stores and soccer forums which can help us a lot to make the right decision. In those reviews there are tons more on information of different cleats model than in the product description and is much more likely that we will find best soccer cleats for goalkeepers or cleats for any other position. Furthermore, these reviews are honest and are not there, just to make people order more stuff.

Do you have a wide feet, than I recommend you look at the post about wide soccer cleats or kangaroo leather soccer cleats, which are great for people who have problems with their wide feet’s. If you are looking for youth cleats, than I recommend checking best youth soccer cleats.

What now?

I hope you have found enough information and it will be easier to find best soccer cleats for goalkeepers. If you like my list of 5 best soccer cleats for goalkeepers below (which are some of best rated cleats) than is time to take action and order a pair or two. However, if you are having problem with choosing cleats than I recommend you that you read a more in depth post about best soccer cleats. If you like this article please share it with your friends.