Which are 5 best Adidas soccer cleats?

Do you love the brand Adidas and their cleats? Yes? Me too, I’m their fan I have their cleats also and because of that I will today present you which are best Adidas soccer cleats. Adidas is a big brand that is known all over the world because of their different products, not just cleats. They have a big selection of cleats, so it is quite hard to find the best Adidas soccer cleats. However I have made this and you will below find the list of top 5, which is my favorite pair from this 5 and how I did this?

best adidas soccer cleats

How I did this?

Well if I wanted to make a complete research of best Adidas soccer cleats and test all of them I should have a very big budget and spend a lot of money. In addition to this I found another way which is also great. I was looking for comments, reviews and ratings on different websites that discuss such things. Then I picked out wider number of cleats and compared them. After that I decided and picked out ones that stand out, which you can find below.

5 best Adidas soccer cleats


Predator Instinct


F50 adizero

Copa Mundial

My favorite!

To be true I always look for the Adidas Predator models, so from the list above I most like the Adidas Predator Instinct ones. I think they are really great. They have nice design and have great rating.

My experience with Adidas

During my career I changed and tested several soccer cleats. At the beginning it was hard from which to choose and what type of them to pick, but then I found my golden ones and this were the Adidas cleats, which I wear them more than 6 years. I feel comfortable in them and play more relaxed and I think also better because of that. I’m sure I will buy them also in the future and I also recommend it to others.

Hope this article was helpful, you have found best adidas soccer cleats and you will share it with your friends on social profiles.